Now This Is The Tea I love To Sip!

Homeless grad

Cuddos to Michael Blaustein, with the NY Post, for introducing us to Chelesa Fearce. Who is she you may ask? She is, (in my Alicia Keys voice, a “Girl On Fire!”

A recent graduate of Charles Drew High School, located in Clayton County, Georgia, Miss Chelesa respectfully earned the title of valedictorian for successfully maintaining a 4.466 GPA.

Wait, there’s more…

She scored 1900 (1900 is impressive) on her SATs, “The SAT Reasoning Test (formerly Scholastic Aptitude Test and Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized test for college admissions. Thank you wikipedia for that information!” and since she enrolled in college courses during her high school years, she will be attending Spelman College as a junior next year for biology.

I want to draw blood from this Teen Titan and inject it in my children, and myself too, because this is the Tea I been waiting to share; wait for it…(In my Steven Irvin…Katt Williams voice)

wait… for.. it…(In my Steven Irvin…Katt Williams voice again)

Chelesa Fearce, her five brothers, and her parents were homeless during many of her high school years. Miss Fearce, and the name fits her perfectly, was studying in homeless shelters! She says that she would use the light off of her cellphone to read when the shelters shut the power off for the night. Some nights the Fearce family would sleep in their car if they had one at the time.

In her valedictorian speech, she revealed two intimate worries she had during her high school years. Worries about food, because some days she was un-able to eat and worries about taking a shower, because shelters are pretty much, “first come, first served.” I mean this is a young woman…. She concluded her speech by telling her classmates “Don’t give up. Do what you have to do right now so that you can have the future that you want,”

Wipe…Wipe…Wipe….I am so touched by this story. Wipe… I am so impressed with this young woman. She’s beautiful and could have allowed herself to be taken over by men; she could have gave up and dropped out of school and found drugs as her way of escape; she could have let peer pressure of not being like other girls detour her into a dark, scary, place, but she didn’t. Destiny’s Child, “I’m A Survivor” lyrics are playing in my head.

Congratulations Chelesa! You have encouraged me; as well as, millions of youths and adults around the world. I pray blessings for you and your family beginning today until the continuation of each of your lives.

Why Is It So Hard To Let Go?


Mary Mary, is a popular, R&B, Jazz, mixed with a little Hip Hop, gospel singing group. Erica and Tina are sisters and they named their group after two important women of Christian Bible history. Mary, Jesus mother, and Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus’s disciples. As a matter of fact, these sisters produced their first single entitled, Shackles in the year of 2000, and I can still remember the first time that I heard it on the radio.

I did not know what to do. I had never experienced Gospel music with that type of flavor, so I listened to the words and just sat still for awhile.

“Take the shackles of my feet so I can dance!”
“I just want to praise you, I just want to praise you!”
“You broke the chains so I can freely dance!”
“I just want to praise you, I just want to praise you!’

OMG! I learned the words and I began to feel, and understand the meaning of the words. The next time I would hear it, I began to dance freely, knowing that I was dancing for my God. These women had produced a ministry with their music and we began to follow them; along with, their music.

I guess that’s why I feel so sad after learning that the sister named Tina is currently experiencing a broken heart. Her husband cheated on her with a family friend for a period of two years, and I wish that I knew him because I would punch him in the face.

She has an article in Ebony Magazine upcoming issue and this is where she spills her heartbreak with the world. Today, she went on Facebook asking her fans to pray for her during this time, and of course we will Tina…you got that. She also says that they are going on a Spiritual fast, and that they will defeat the devil and claim their marriage.

Tina, the devil didn’t make him be a whore hunny. He could have walked away but he didn’t. Fasting will not end his sexual escapades. Sorry…The reality is that if he cheated with a call girl; it was just nasty lust, but a family friend….for two years…He is a liar, a con-artist, a snake, a disrespectful a@@hole! Ugh!!!!

You are in my prayers, and I wish that you go back and play your “Shackle” song. You can be free and dance the way that you taught me.

VH1, A&E, Bravo, O’ Mind…

Monday nights feed my television addiction!  I currently have no life, so I’m actually getting my emotional fix from Love and Hip Hop ATL, and Longmire, and this new Newlywed show. Yes It’s pretty pathetic but, (In my Chris Brown voice) “Please don’t judge me!”

Anyway, Love and Hip Hop aggravated me and I just could not continue to watch it. I never thought a married woman would be treated like a single woman telling the man that she loves that she is pregnant with his baby!  I’m not married, so is this how a husband act?  

These women on this show are beautiful with perfect figures and yet their brains is the only part of them that is broken! 

 “If they only had a brain!….”  

Are these people real?  I think they should bring this show to New Orleans. I would love to be on it, but I would not last more than a couple of episodes. I think the show would become Criminal Minds because the things that I would do to so many of the cast members…..

Longmire!  Well, I am new to this show and I love it; however, I don’t know what he was trying to prove tonight!  He could have froze to death.  I am in love (lust), love (lust), love (lust), with the cop running for sheriff!  The man is like perfect on the outside, but he is not half the man that Longmire is.  Longmire is honest, caring, and will fight to the death to protect the innocent; we need him in New Orleans, but Branch (the cop who I am in lust with) his intentions are not pure.  

“If he only had a heart!…”  

This Newlywed show!  It’s not fair to only make the gay couple perfect.  I mean the others marriages; DIVORCE!!!  There is a wife that has to get authorization from her husband prior to purchase; along with, an explanation for the amount.  There is a wife who is beyond bossy and I cannot predict how long her husband will be able to tolerate her.  The crazy part is that she wants a baby like yesterday.  Poor baby:( 

There is a wife who married an inconsiderate jerk, and I feel sorry for her, because the day of the season finale she will look at her self in the mirror, and no longer realize who is starring back at her. She needs to kick him to curb before it’s too late!

“If she only had courage…!”

Now I can go to sleep peacefully knowing that there is a Longmire, and also smiling because I am not as screwed up as some people I share the world with.  Thank you reality television!



Memorial Day Quote

  • Peace is more important than all justice; and peace was not made  for the sake of justice, but justice for the sake of peace. -Martin Luther

I was so angry this weekend. My family had pissed me off and I promised myself that I would never speak to anyone of them again. I actually spoke aloud that they were dead to me!

Today, I awoke and I felt a lot of emotions for what this day represents. My thoughts became unselfish, as I imagined thoughts that our soldiers faced prior to being sent into combat! 

I thought about how heavy their hearts must have felt as they left their families not knowing if they would ever have the opportunity to say I love you to them face to face again. 

I thought about how scary it had to be to survive in unfamiliar territory and not be able to immediately call a love one for brief words of encouragement, because no matter how hard and strong we are perceived; we all need a hug every now and then.

So today; I pray peace for each of you and a lifetime filled with genuine hugs!




Ginger’s Thought – Bad Investments

I’m sure after reading the title, you surmised that I was venting about financial matters. After all, when most people hear or read about the word investment, the next word to follow is usually business. Companies make investments, talent scouts make investments, drug dealers make investments…. Well, you get my point! The results, Facebook: Cash Money Records: and well we all know one but let’s not say any names. (No snitch)

Tonight, I am contemplating the same investment principle; however, business is not the word to follow. My heart is. I am thinking about the time, the effort, and the sex that I have invested in past relationships and I am embarrassingly realizing that I have not received absolutely nothing in return. I am asking myself how I can be so smart; and yet, be so stupid.

Now I truly understand why God tells us to guard our hearts, because to be on guard means to be wise, to be cautious, to be mindful; to protect our investment.

A broken heart is like an emotional bankrupt! A troubled mind is like an empty ATM machine! What’s the point of looking like value when you have none?

Lesson learned, no more bad investments for me.