Ginger’s Thought – Bad Investments

I’m sure after reading the title, you surmised that I was venting about financial matters. After all, when most people hear or read about the word investment, the next word to follow is usually business. Companies make investments, talent scouts make investments, drug dealers make investments…. Well, you get my point! The results, Facebook: Cash Money Records: and well we all know one but let’s not say any names. (No snitch)

Tonight, I am contemplating the same investment principle; however, business is not the word to follow. My heart is. I am thinking about the time, the effort, and the sex that I have invested in past relationships and I am embarrassingly realizing that I have not received absolutely nothing in return. I am asking myself how I can be so smart; and yet, be so stupid.

Now I truly understand why God tells us to guard our hearts, because to be on guard means to be wise, to be cautious, to be mindful; to protect our investment.

A broken heart is like an emotional bankrupt! A troubled mind is like an empty ATM machine! What’s the point of looking like value when you have none?

Lesson learned, no more bad investments for me.


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