Why Is It So Hard To Let Go?


Mary Mary, is a popular, R&B, Jazz, mixed with a little Hip Hop, gospel singing group. Erica and Tina are sisters and they named their group after two important women of Christian Bible history. Mary, Jesus mother, and Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus’s disciples. As a matter of fact, these sisters produced their first single entitled, Shackles in the year of 2000, and I can still remember the first time that I heard it on the radio.

I did not know what to do. I had never experienced Gospel music with that type of flavor, so I listened to the words and just sat still for awhile.

“Take the shackles of my feet so I can dance!”
“I just want to praise you, I just want to praise you!”
“You broke the chains so I can freely dance!”
“I just want to praise you, I just want to praise you!’

OMG! I learned the words and I began to feel, and understand the meaning of the words. The next time I would hear it, I began to dance freely, knowing that I was dancing for my God. These women had produced a ministry with their music and we began to follow them; along with, their music.

I guess that’s why I feel so sad after learning that the sister named Tina is currently experiencing a broken heart. Her husband cheated on her with a family friend for a period of two years, and I wish that I knew him because I would punch him in the face.

She has an article in Ebony Magazine upcoming issue and this is where she spills her heartbreak with the world. Today, she went on Facebook asking her fans to pray for her during this time, and of course we will Tina…you got that. She also says that they are going on a Spiritual fast, and that they will defeat the devil and claim their marriage.

Tina, the devil didn’t make him be a whore hunny. He could have walked away but he didn’t. Fasting will not end his sexual escapades. Sorry…The reality is that if he cheated with a call girl; it was just nasty lust, but a family friend….for two years…He is a liar, a con-artist, a snake, a disrespectful a@@hole! Ugh!!!!

You are in my prayers, and I wish that you go back and play your “Shackle” song. You can be free and dance the way that you taught me.


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