Tyler Perry……You Have Pissed Some Black Women The Hell Off! (In my Madea voice)


Emmitt Perry Jr. was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to a mother who taught him about worship and a father who physically abused him so severely, that at the age of sixteen years old, he legally had his name changed so that he would not have any connections to his father. Tyler Perry was also sexual abused by his mother’s friend; along with, three other men. (Hopefully these people are dead because if not; he can easily pay someone to Hostel their asses for him!)

He eventually moved to Atlanta, Georgia with his belongings and personal baggage and in the state of the peach, watched the Oprah Winfrey Show. The topic of the show was the theraputic effect of writing down your emotions. He began to write and those journals lead to the beginning step of Tyler Perry becoming a man with many career titles following his name; such as, actor: director: screenwriter: playwright,: producer: author: and a song writer.

Tyler Perry introduced us to our favorite lady named Madea, (yes she is lady) and we immediately fell in love with her. This tall, 6 feet something, gray haired, volouptous, woman says what she means, and she means what she says and for every person that watches Madea, be it live plays, DVDs or bootleg videos from such and such, who lives at such and such, who sells his movies five for $20.00; I am positive that you understand what I mean.

I believe that Madea is like Tyler Perry’s Superman, and/or alter ego. Through her, he shares his insight on topics that the world would rather not talk about in a hilarious; but yet, genuine manner. I have learned a lot from Madea!

He has a timeline of plays and movies beginning in the year of 1999 until the current, and he is not even close to stopping. In fact, he has recently introduced us to the world of the “Have and Have Nots” which premiered on the OWN netowrk Memorial Day weekend. I heard Steve Harvey say positive comments about the show and he also pledged that he would promote it like crazy. On the other hand, some of Oprah’s dedicated viewers have joined forces with a woman named Eva Vega from Los, Angeles, California to sign petitions for the removal of Tyler Perry’s new show on the basis of not liking the way Mr. Perry is representing and stereotyping Black women.

This woman Eva Vega is not playing either. She has already gotten 200 people to sign!!!

Ginger thought’s for this one is unclear because I understand both parties points of view; however, Eva, why couldn’t you just write a letter to Oprah instead of putting her own place like this? Yep; I would call your actions a tad bit of shade!

Check out the link below and tell me what yall think.



3 thoughts on “Tyler Perry……You Have Pissed Some Black Women The Hell Off! (In my Madea voice)

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  2. Thank you for the timely and well-written post. I am a little confused on what your views are, The title screams one thing, but the conclusion, of the article, screams another. Do you think the Madea brand has ran passed its prime, or do you find the new character offensive or none of the above? I hope my questions are not putting you on the spot (not my intention) but from a real wanting to be more informed about of dust-up toward to of the most powerful black voices in radio-television-film-magazines. Its such a fine line between always wanting to side with African-American leaders and doing what one feels is right for them, their families and their communities. I do not often read the celebrity pages, but I am interested in this one. If it is a smear campaign against the dynamic duo, I would wish to use my limited platform in support. But if the character is offensive to many African American women, and/or women as a whole, well, as much as it pains to say so, the campaigner is well within her right. Thanks again for posting, and I look forward to your reply.

    • Good Morning Kendall F. Person,

      Thank you so much for taking time out to read my post. I am honored, as you are the first person to comment on my thoughts:)

      I appreciate the critic, and i am open to all that you would like share; however, I don’t believe that the title and conclusion of my article was off. I am proud of Mr. Perry and this is why I wrote a brief bio of him; simply out of respect! I then said that I could understand both parties points of views. Some of Tyler Perry’s characters aren’t too pleasing to me either. Good Deeds was a movie that I applauded him for, because it was drama free. The character in that movie was a real woman, a real, terrified, worried, single mother; and so, I watched this movie from my heart instead of waiting for the next punchline to occur.

      Tyler Perry has in fact, “pissed the hell off” 200 plus people and they are serious about this petition to remove him off of the OWN network. They have the right to their opinions; however, my thoughts on the subject was that they could have shared it in much better fashion. Ms. Oprah and Mr. Perry have completed heartfelt works, and helped too many people to maliciously have shade blasted on them in petition format.

      I visited your blog and read some of your writing. I was impressed. Again, thank you for making my morning and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts!

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