What if Jennifer Englade Was Black?


I read the update of this story on Nola.com, and the author of this article Juliet Linderman, has provided an answer for me that I have been waiting to hear.

40 year old Jennifer Englade is no longer the alledged drunk driver who killed three people including a pregnant woman last weekend. Yep, it’s official; according to Louisiana State Police, Englade’s blood alcohol level at the time of the crash exceeded the legal limit of 0.8. The agency is not providing futher details but who cares; that information is enough me and her ass is guilty! I would like to see her get out of this one with only probation.

I try to remain emotionally neutral when I write about something or someone, but I just can’t do it with this case. I have learned some interesting facts pertaining to Jennifer Englade arrests history and I do not think the results would have been the same if it had been a Black person. This shit is personal to me.

1. Englade and three other people were stopped by St. John Parish deputies by the daiquiri shop in Laplace, and the driver of the 2006 Pontiac G6, Rechelle Hotard, was arrested based on a warrent. This was Saturday at 10:40 pm. St. John Parish Sheriff Mike Tregre says five deputies were present during this arrest and they made the decision to turn the keys over to Englade.
(Would this scenerio have played out like this if the parties involved were Black? Would the other three people in the car not be subject to an alcohol test being that all of them just came out of a place that sells alcohol if they were Black?)

Good judgement officers! Well, we all know the tragedy that occured four hours later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. St. Charles Parish District Attorney Joel Chaisson has confimred that Jennifer Englade has numerous DWI offenses. The first in St. John Parish on March 19, 1999 and the second in St. Charles Parish on June 23, 1999. Wait; isn’t that three months apart?

Would a Black person be allowed two DWIs three months apart and still have their driver’s license after pleading guilty to both charges?

3. Prior to those charges, Englade was also arrested in St. John Parish in September of 1996.

Could a Black person get three DWIs in a period of three years and only receive probation and not have their driver’s license revoked?

4. Wait….I forgot one! She was arrested again in June of 2012 and pleaded guilty again. What did she receive this time? Same answer, probation because conveniently, Englade’s time was up to charge her with a felony. She had a court date on June 18 and could have faced six months in jail. Well we know that bullcrap didn’t happen!

What would have actually happened to a Black person at this point?

Wouldn’t a Black person have gained a felony charge by now?

Wouldn’t a Black person have received some jail time by now?

Jennifer, I seriously think that your hookups will not be able to get you out of this one. As a Black woman, I know in my heart that I would have never been giving as many breaks as you have received from our justice department. It is time for you to pay the piper and it’s just so sad that it took Mejia-Fequier, Joshua Jones, and Esther Centeno and the baby in her stomach to finally make you accountable for your actions.


39 thoughts on “What if Jennifer Englade Was Black?

  1. I see no reason to try to twist this into a racial issue. Since you’re being so blunt, so will I. I find it RIDICULOUS that you take this tragidy and try to make it into something other than what it is…A HORRIBLE TRAGEDY. SHAME ON YOU

    • This issue is already twisted, and I firmly stand by every word that I wrote. This is a horrible tragedy that could have been avoided. Do you know why it wasn’t? Because in these River Parishes, whites are allowed special treatment when they have families with popular last names. I understand that you are white, but be honest; would a Black woman and her friends be given keys and allowed to drive away from a drinking spot with our being alcohol tested after obvious suspension? Think about it, why were they stopped in the first place to the point of Rachael Hotard’s license being checked and then arrested her for a warrant? Be real!

      I am glad that we agree on the tragedy of the lives lost and in justice. Thank you so much for reading my post and Have A Beautiful Day!

    • Actually she has a point. I wish the lady had been black, then she’d probably have gotten jail time along time ago and learned her lesson by now. The only thing our law enforcement taught her was, “it’s okay, they just keep slapping me on the wrist”. Now she faced with vehicular homicide which is far more serious then DWI. The woman will probably never stop drinking now, because she has to live with the fact that she’s killed 4 people.

      I feel sorry for her. She’s obviously fighting the demon named alcoholism. It’s a tough battle and she’s losing badly. If the judge would have sentenced to her to some classes in addition to the probation maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

      Damn she must know somebody high up to keep getting off with no time.

      • Hi M.Parker! I am so sorry for replying so late to your comment. I read your post at work and I was at my desk saying “YES” a little too loudly because every sentence that you typed had a more than valid point. Impressive. “I wish the lady had been black, then she’d probably have gotten jail time along time ago and learned her lesson by now.” That’s another post all by itself.

        You are a caring and strong person to boldly say that you feel sorry for her. I respect that. Trust me; her last name was the ticket that was saving her….but that’s another post.

        Thank you so much for reading my post and commenting with fresh insight. I’ll talk to you soon when I catch up:)


  3. I’m in agreements with you my sister. I’m gonna say no a black women would have been made an example out of and it is wrong to allow this women a free ticket to kill. Someone out of the St. John the baptist police department need to also answer for this situation. And question how the hell does mike know that the officers gave there better judgement 3 ppl. are DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Angela Parquet,
      It’s sad that we are in agreement of this topic, but it is true! If I had been Jennifer Englade, I know in my heart that our consequences would have been different. I hope that Mike puts his ego to the side and realize the much bigger picture.

      Thank you for reading and I sincerely appreciate your comment. Have A Beautiful Day:)

    • Hi Sommer Gaye!
      I am happy to read that you understood my point and was not offended. Thank you so much for reading any commenting. Have A Beautiful Day:)

    • Sommer, Thank you for sharing. I very much respect that a white woman can see the forest for the trees. We’re not shouting about the racial differences here to call anyone person racist. But had this woman been black maybe 4 people would still be alive, because they surely wouldn’t have let her off with probation after so many DWIs.

      This is a true embarrassment for the State of Louisiana.

      • Awwwwwww; this is so sweet! I love it! I hope that this state is embarrassed enough to enhance their parish governments by teaching them to distribute fair and equal punishment to all races proven guilty.

        These river parishes are currently run by family influences and political favors. I hope that all of the people who shielded Jennifer and blew off her addiction by “quick fixing” it, think about those innocents lives that are now gone and realize that a person with serious issues need help and sometimes consequences; even if they have a popular last name.

  4. Hi Fuck You, it appears that you are a angry person just by the name fuck you but its ok i’ll send you up in prayer. From what i read Gingergirl was on point your not BLACK so you’ll never understand what is being said, If Ms. Gaye understands then that mean you are a very closed minded individual. By the way ppl like you make the world a scary place to live. fuck you please try to find peace in your heart…..

    • Hi Angela! I love, love, love, how you replied to Fuck You, and I am happy that you included Ms. Gaye. As a matter of fact, I applaud her for speaking her truth on this subject. I am in agreement with you to send up prayers of understanding and peace for him too because my message did not merit that response.

      I am so happy to meet you and we must keep in touch. Have A Beautiful Night and talk to you soon:)

  5. i cant believe people are throwing this race card around u narrow minded piece of crap This has nothing to do with race its about a person who killed three people under the influence of drugs and alcohol if you want to make it a racial issue that you a true fucking idiot.

    • Hi John,

      I don’t know you personally so I can not say that you a racist; however, there is a difference between you and me. You are the narrow minded piece of crap because you read, and just like “Fuck You” (who I hopes gives me another name to comment to) did not take the time to thorughly understand the meaning of my post. Your race is meaningless to me. An honest purple person would understand and admit that those senseless murders has everything to do with race and it would have never occured if Jennifer Englade had been Black because she would have been prosecuted for her actions years ago, instead of just walking away with her driver’s license and probabtion.

      John, nothing about my character is idiotic and if I was a racist, I would have never approved, nor read, nor replied to your comment. We all are grown-ups and we all have the right to our opinions. If you comment on a topic in the future and I feel that your points are valid, I will agree and congratulate you for speaking your mind, even if we are the only two people out of a million who agree, and if I disagree with you, I will question your comment, but never would I curse, belittle, or disrespect you, or your personal beliefs because we all should stand for what we believe in, and that would make me an idiot!

      In conclusion, this is my blog. I appreciate you taking the time to read it and I do hope that you read it again; as well as, commenting and sharing your thoughts with me. Have A Beautiful Day.

    • No John, being white does not make you racist. Being white makes it difficult for you to understand things from a black prospective.

      But let’s all agree that this woman should have be dealt with long before now. Let’s all agree that the justice system needs to be revamped and there needs to be some clear cut rules and sentencing guidelines where these DWIs are involved.

      I’m not saying first offense, probation, second offense, 6 mos jail time, third offense, 5 years jail time, etc….

      What I’m saying is a person whose had 2 within a 3 month period probably has a problem with the fire water; A person whose sick we try to help, we try to treat them, we try to cure them etc…
      It’s that simple. Someone was supposed to recognize this lady needed some HELP!!!!!!

      • I think we all agree M. Parker:) I’m sooo impressed. I think when Angela reads your post; she is going to cry again. A happy cry this time:)

  6. i totally agree the girl deserves to go to prison for life im not taking up for her in any what she did is unforgivable she destroyed these peoples lives & their families lives she deserves to fry for what shes done these poor people were only trying to go to work and here comes jennifer englade drunk & stoned out of her mind on cocaine i apogize for earlier but the race card botherd me its not about race its about an alcoholic drugged out junkie that ruined these families lives forever it doesnt matter what color you are right is right and wrong is wrong i may have flew of the handle i aplogize for that i just hate when bad things happen to good people and people put race into it so if i offended you i am truly sorry i am man enough to admit when im wrong so please accept my aplogy but this topic what if she was black is meaningless what if she was pink what does that have to do with anything

    • Hi John,

      I accept your apology and I understand and respect your passion about this topic and when these types of tragedies happen we all go a little overboard because we have a heart; and that’s s good thing.

  7. but where are u going with this if she was black topic would you care to explian it because i read it again and how is it not racist?

    • John, the criminal system has handed out different charges; as well as, different judgments based on race. This issue is so massive that an author named Michelle Alexander has wrote a detailed book pertaining to this issue entitled; The New Jim Crow! This lady has worked in the criminal justice field so her books is filled with facts.

      I work with at risk youths of all races and I have to fight harder for Black teens than White teens because they are quick to put a felony charge on the Black teen and stain their records, but they find other alternatives solutions for the white teens and if they do charge them, it’s a misdemeanor.

      About two days ago, two Black women were stopped by Jefferson Parish police because a Tahoe was driving suspiciously. Well these sad women were drunk and they were trying to teach a ten year old boy how to drive them home because they were DRUNK! They were arrested immediately and charged, and guess what; they are in jail and currently waiting to see the judge. Now I am a mother and the thought of someone endangering a child has me livid and yes they must be punished but….

      I wonder if the thought of calling in a friend to drive them all safely home ever popped up in that cop’s mind, like the other’s who allowed Jennifer and her friends to drive away. These Black women faces are everywhere and people are talking about them badly. How come that never happened to Jennifer all of the times that she was arrested?

      Are you ok with everything that gay people are fighting for. I’m sure your not but that does not mean you hate gay people. Do you agree with everything that our President says. Of course not, but that does not mean you are a racist. I know that if I was Jennifer Englade, they would have locked me up a couple of arrests ago and I would not have had the chance to commit murder. This does not mean I’m racist, it just means that I am a realist:)

  8. Hey Mr. John i’m so happy to know that you have a heart. you may not believe me but i cried when you made that statement to Gingergirl, i mean my heart is soft. Let me explain to you i am a BLACK women and i just love everybody, that is to the ppl. who show love back Rev. 2 says that all kinds and kindreads will go to heaven and i want to see you there i do, don’t know you but i love you Ginger is not playing the race card i think you only feel that away because you don’t know the effects of being black. I’m crying right now believe it or not because really if it was a car of black women nobody would have left that night…. but if englade and the others would have been treated like us we would have three lives still with us. Mr. John be blessed and with that second statement i can now say i’ll see you in heaven!!!!!!!

    • I feel like crying just to know that you are crying. Please don’t cry. I am on my way home so as soon as I get there I will log on and check on you. Just know that it is a good thing that we are doing by discussing racism issues. We only talk about it within our own race so every now and then we need to have a good old fashion cuss out.

      In these past days, we were blessed with the comment from Ms. Gaye, and then John came back and apologized and he did not have to so…..Cheer up. I’ll talk to you soon:)

  9. Ginger you say don’t cry but i can’t help it, cause no we don’t need a good ole cussin out no Ginger what we need is love it’s the only way we are going to make a difference with some ppl…. Ginger i LOVE YOU and i don’t even know you but through your words alone you Ginger you, you make me feel special just to know someone else out there have love in there heart please keep being you and don’t you let nothing allow your heart to harden because the harsh words of others can sometimes do that. I’m at work and it’s time to gather my things together so i’ll with the GRACE of GOD will make it home and then i can check on YOU!!!!!!!

    • Thank you for such beautiful and encouraging words. I truly believe that God allowed me to meet you. I must be honest, there are many spots on my heart that still remain harden so it’s easy for me to handle harsh words in certain situations and the thoughts that I post are certain situations to me.

      You are special and a precious stone of God. You came on this post and defended me and it takes a heartfelt person to that. So know that you have met a sister and I love you right back and I will be extremely professional and balanced with my comments, but if anyone ever disrespects you on this blog; I will cut up:) Sorry but it’s sooooo true. Talk To You Later.

  10. I think it is unfortunate and perhaps childish to attempt to extrapolate what might have been if her race had been different. For the record, i do not excuse the unfair treatment of black people by law enforcement (yes, I am black). I however think you are pointing this out at the wrong time. If Englade was black and she was treated as you predict a black person would, then you can point fingers at the cops and hold up a legitimate example of an unbalanced treatment of someone of another race (so many such examples abound). That, ma’am is when to make a racial comparison. I am for bringing up whites to equity with the law not making the law(as we know it) slack for black people also.

    • Hi Tester,

      I can accept you using unfortunate as an adjective in your comment; however, childish is un-acceptable to me. As a Black woman, it saddens me to have another Black woman respond to my post and use such a word. Tester, please take a moment and briefly glance at the comments on this page. I have been disrespected by two white men because of my post, (Thank you John for responding back and apologizing), a white woman felt that my points was valid and she made a monumental comment, and then not only did a Black man read the post, he addressed each comment in a pleasant and insightful manner. Angela Parquet is another Black woman. Can you see the correspondence between us. You see; even if Ms. Parquet would have disagreed with every comment that I made, she would have never replied on her sister’s blog in a ridicule type of manner. She would have addressed me as if I were her! Do you kmow the stigma that is attached to how Black women get along? Thank you for providing an example.

      There is never a correct or wrong time to speak your truth. You speak it when you are lead. I research inspirational people of all races and their stories always seem to coincide. They each were in a situation that they felt was wrong and immediately decided to “do something” about it using whatever resources they had available. Are you a registered voter? If you are, then you do know that women were not allowed to vote. People thought that it was the wrong time for Susan B. Anthony too! I used a white woman example to help you better identify with my point.

      I should point fingers at the cops? This entire blog is pointing fingers at law enforcement and how they handled Jennifer Englade’s many DWI arrests! I suggested a book in a previous comment. Michelle Alexander’s book, “The New Jim Crow.” I believe you will find great racial comparisons if you read it. Here’s more facts; the following men were arrested for murder, kidnapping, and rape charges; James L. Woodard, 27 years: James Bain, 35 years: Cornelius Dupress, 20 years. The numbers are the time served before DNA freed them from prison. How about the 41 men that DNA has also freed in Texas since 2001. All of these Black men were arrested and lost years of their lives based on speculation! No evidence. Jennifer was arrested for DWI each time and never convicted. I can’t forget Tonya McDowell, a homeless single mother who put her child in a quality school for education purposes and was given a five year sentence. Jennifer can be irresponsible and drive around drunk and this mother was punished for trying to obtain the best of education for her son! How about this ma’am for racial comparison?

      I’m not even going to comment on your last sentence. For the record, I stand by my post 150% and there has not been an individual of any race that has commented thus for, who has caused me to even slightly change my view regarding this issue. I could close and reply back with some “not so nice” adjectives; however, I am not that type of Black woman. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and also commenting. Have A Beautiful Day.

      • Ginger girl you are a bad sister and they can’t even come close to you when it comes to wording!!!!!!!!! I don’t know your age but you should have been one of my daughters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mrs. Angela, that post really got to me, but I was so proud to use you as an example of a true woman who was born Black, Love you and thank you for always having my back.

  11. Hey Ms. Parker GM i read over your post and i’m also pleased with your statement. Glad that you took your time to read what was being said by Ms.Gingergirl. Hopefully this will go pass this forum to a higher one so that some type of change can take place in the near, near future.

  12. Ms. tester you make me want to say uumm (ah what). extrapolate – To infer from values within an already observed interval. Interval – a space of time between events. What exactly are you saying here? No Ms. Gingergirl again is pointing out that lives would have been saved, and your point is? you should have taken the time to put your words in order because from what i have read you are on a whole different page…. No disrespect but get it together before you post!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I know jennifer pretty well and I feel she had did a very serious crime!!! I believe two points in all of this. St John sheriffs department acted incorrectly with their judgement call to give her the keys of the car without checking her out
    at least a dwi field test or asked her how much she has drank and is she on medication or did any drugs in the pass 24 hours????Bad job by the st john officers who did or didn’t do their job correctly.Next if they would have ran her name on ncic the officers would have known her offenses and what was her arrest in her pass.She has had major problems in her life with drugs and alcohol and depression along with some other issues but,being a different race may or not had anything to do with her demons.So, b4 i say if she was black or any other nationally everyone suffers with all these things she had.Pray that the family can continue to carry on with life and, jennifer gets her help she needs to get back mentality to stand trial for the charges that stand b4 her….also, no matter how this tragedy plays out taking a life for other lives doesn’t fix this matter !!!! AMEN !!!

    • Hello Ibegtodiffer.

      I appreciate the honesty in your words and I hope that you appreciated the honesty in my words as well, because they are in fact true statements and not propaganda.

      If Jennifer Englade was a Black woman she would have never received the same forms of criminal leniency from st. john officers and officials. In addition, nobody would have cared if she was depressed or had addiction problems. If Jennifer Englade was a Black woman, this accident would have never occurred because most likely, she would still have been incarcerated from her previous DWI.

      I feel your heart in these words and it’s beautiful, but God gives all of us so many chances to get ourselves together because he already knows the consequence from our actions. I personally believe that God has saved many lives by allowing some people to go to jail because jail is solitude. Jail is not comfortable. Jail is not an enabler. There are many great leaders who faced their demons in jail, and when they were released; OMG!
      Who knows what her future holds but God.

      Thank you for stopping by Ginger’s Thoughts and please do not be a stranger.
      Have A Beautiful Day,

    • Hi! Nice to meet you. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. You’re a great writer. I agree, I am not Black. I am a seed of the prophets God hid in the mountains and in the caves. I am an Israelite. Thanks for reading some of my work. I felt like I wanted to write after I read your work; yep, you Blessed me. Thank you:)

      • You welcome! I appreciate your kind words. Keep writing because what you have to say is very important. Have a blessed day Gingergirl.

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