Boycott Paula Dean and Bubba

paula dean

I am livid! I needed to save this rage for work tomorrow but after reading and hearing about these two wanna-be slave masters, on Juneteenth Day; I can’t go to sleep until I vent about this issue.

Lisa Jackson came forward some months ago with a suit against Paula Dean and her brother Bubba. Ms. Jackson claimed that she was being called a nigga and that perverted. old, ass Bubba constantly harassed her sexually. Well of course this was hard to believe, as Paula acts like she loves everybody.

All that bullshitting and laughing has gained her an enormous fan base. She has The Lady and Sons restaurant, and her brother owns a seafood restaurant. She has cooking shows on the Food Network Channel, she sells products with her name on them, and she has even managed to get her sons their own shows to get a piece of the action too! Currently, she is balling out of control!

Paula denied that making racial slurs, and even allowed Oprah and Gail to sleep at her house for a cover-up; however, The National Enquirer obtained Paula Dean’s disposition, and here are some of the statements that she made about the nigga word:

“It’s just what they are — they’re jokes…most jokes are about Jewish people, rednecks, black folks…I can’t determine what offends another person.”

This is her idea of how Black men should be dressed at a wedding:

“the whole entire waiter staff was middle-aged black men, and they had on beautiful white jackets with a black bow tie,”….“I mean, it was really impressive. That restaurant represented a certain era in America…after the Civil War, during the Civil War, before the Civil War…It was not only black men, it was black women…I would say they were slaves.”

Her brother also admitted to calling the President of The United States, a nigga too!

So I ask that we get together and boycott these racist assholes. Slavery is over and these evil bastards want to bring it back. Do not watch, buy, or have anything to do with anything that affiliates to the Dean family. Let’s show the Dean family that we are not our ancestors. We can shut her ass down.

Ginger’s Thoughts – We all knew you stole them recipes from Black people anyway, and I hope they sue your ass too! This bullshit on Juneteenth day!


19 thoughts on “Boycott Paula Dean and Bubba

    • Hi Barbara,

      Are you and Paula cousins, because that sounds like something she would say? So creative. Anyway, be fair. A white girl put Paula on blast and yes, she went way too far with her comments. Tellimg me to shut-up will not change that fact. I watched her show all of the time, so you can’t get mad at be for being offended by her actions.

      I wish somebody would have told her to shut-up!

      Thanks for reading my comment and taking the time to reply. Have A Beautiful Day:)

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  3. Did you listen to her reason for using the word? Had a caucasian robbed her at gunpoint, she would have called him a redneck, hillbilly, white-trash SOB. Would you boycott her still? African American rappers and other African Americans use the word on the daily. Boycotting her makes you more racist than not by distinguishing AAs from others in your investing so much in the word and believing in it’s vulgarity. You are more narrow minded & ignorant than you allow yourself to believe.

    • Good Morning Dee,

      I heard her reasoning but have you been following updates regarding this issue, because she also said this….”Deen said she may have also used the slur when recalling conversations between black employees at her restaurants, but she couldn’t recall specifics.” Of course she couldn’t!

      Did that nigger holding her at gunpoint and make her want to dress her Black staff members as slaves? Did that nigger at gunpoint make her want to name a sandwich in her restaurant Sam-bo?

      She was held at gunpoint years ago and I am sure justice was served. A Black man commiting a crime against a white woman probably got him 25 to life. Paula moved on. She went to Black people and they taught her how to cook and she made a career of it. When first introduced to the world, she had an opportunity to share her past and tell us how she felt about Black people; instead, we found out through the media. Your race is a selfish one, because you refuse to consider our feelings. We feel hurt, angry, and betrayed and for that, we most definitely need to boycott her ass.

      Rappers introduce themselves as assholes. After we hear their first single, we have a choice to either become a fan or hate their guts. They don’t come out singing Gospel music, and then years later come out with I hate God rap.

      If responding to deception makes me a racist; well I guess I am one; however there is not an ignorant, or narrow-minded area in my body. In fact, you are ignorant and also narrow-minded for thinking that this issue is only about her using the word nigger.

      Thank you for reading my post and taking the time to comment. Have A Beautiful Day:)

      • Ginger, you do not know my race, first of all. I am half Native American; my grandfather is full blooded Apache & my grandmother is full blooded Cherokee. So before you start calling my race “selfish”, consider that. Second, I am aware that racism is a problem, however most of your accusations toward Paula Dean are mostly “he said, she said” and therefore lack substantially. Sure, she could have named her sandwich after something else, but she didn’t force the African American men to work at the restaurant nor did she decide on their uniform. She was acknowledging that the restaurant had a sense of American history. This is also not a question of the justice served or, in your opinion, the lack there of, for her being robbed at gunpoint. She was pissed and telling her story to a friend. She could have used another word, but she didn’t. She also could have lied about it, instead she chose to be honest.
        You are 100% entitled to your opinion, but your calling “the white man” selfish is also racist and does not support your cause. Just a side note, the majority of Americans today are not a direct descent of those who began America’s history of racism. Rather than grouping every Caucasian person into a box labeled “selfish racists”, try to remember that America has made major strides in a different direction and that racism goes both ways.

      • Dee, I have nothing negative to speak about Native Americans, as they have a negative history with white people too. As I stated previously, calling someone a name is one thing, but suggesting that they dress as slaves are another. How would you feel if Paula asked your grandparents to dress as Indians on Thanksgiving Day? I see Native Americans dress in their heritage when purpose is involved, not while working, nor playing dress up for white people.

        I have did my research and I believe that Paula Deen is 100% wrong. I have grandparents too and they worked their way off of an plantation to provide a better life for their families. So you think that a sandwich named Sam-Bo, which means a silly black man acting stupid for white people is nothing, you think that slavery is a sense of history that should be remembered at a wedding, you think that men allowing themselves to be dressed up as errand boys and swallowing their pride to take care of their families is nothing; Well Dee I think you are calling the wrong woman a racist, because no one with a heart would excuse all of this as if it was nothing. No one but a racist.

        America has not made major strides and you may have Indian in your blood, but I know for a fact that your grandparents would not agree with this. You obviously live your life as a white woman, and when you live that way; you only see life in that way.

        We do not agree and we will never agree on this subject, but I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me in such a respectful manner. Thank you for stopping by AGAIN, LOL:) Have A Beautiful Night.

  4. I work for Paula and you are so wrong. She is the kindest most compassionate woman I myself have ever had the pleasure to meet. How about you read the full deposition from Lisa Jackson before you pass judgement. My co workers and myself all love her, she treats us wonderfully.

    • Hi! If this is true then you all need to get involved because I am going by what I have read and what I have heard her say during interviews.

      If your boss who you love is being falsely accused, you have an obligation “TO TELL.” Don’t let her go down this way if this is in fact, all lies.

      If you truly reviewed by blogs, you will see that I have an opinion about everything so I am not just accusing or passing judgment on one white woman. I also research facts from credible websites before I post anything about anybody. Unless it’s me:)

      Thank you for reading my post and taking the time to comment. Have A Beautiful Night.

  5. That’s exactly what I am doing. However, most of us are afraid of our words being twisted by the media for sensational ratings. Those of us who have met Lisa know that she is simply a bitter and jealous woman and Paula will be vindicated in court. It’s truly painful for us to watch Paula being convicted by the media and companies before a fair trial. I myself am boycotting all the companies who have abandoned her. Most of us are too afraid to go out and publicly announce our support, we even fear walking down the street to work in our uniforms because we have been yelled at and spit in. I watched an African American woman verbally assault a Caucasian lady in the Paula’s store and we were all too afraid to react and come to the woman’s rescue for fear of it being perceived in the wrong way.

    • Racism is a serious subject and of course, there are three sides to every story. My side, your side, and the truth. I do not personally know Lisa Johnson so I cannot defend or offend her character.

      We live in a world where everyone is free to voice their opinions and sometimes it brings backlash to us, but we have to stand for something or we will fall for anything. I am a perfect example of that, I mean have you read other posts I wrote beside this one along with the comments? I have been called a lot of names. LOL!

      I must admit that it bothers me when you tell me the harassment that you are receiving. It’s not fair and it’s certainly uncalled for. I must be honest with you. I understand you would like to do more, but my advice to you all is to stay out of this mess. We all have to face our demons from our past at some point in time, and Paula says that she knows God, so allow her to go through this testing of her faith. In my opinion, you are doing everything within your power to show her love, and at the end of the day; it’s pretty much all that you can do regarding this situation.

    • I have boycotted the companies who have dropped her as well! Thanks for telling us about your experiences with Paula Dean! She needs you!

    • Hi Harry!

      I laughed my ass off at your comment, and guess what? At this point she is making her own self broke by continuing to lie. Stop Lying Paula!!!! Screaming at the screen!

      Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to comment. Have A Beautiful Day:)

  6. Paula truly is a wonderful lady. She personally bakes all her employees cakes for us on our birthdays. She was in her store almost two weeks ago and gave everyone who donated blood a 40 dollar gift certificate to her store, a free signed apron and baked gooey butter cake for everyone. Her body guard, Hillis, is an African American man, he loves her to death, she financed his limo company so he could get it started. His son and nephew work at her store and they have been there for years and years. All of us, including her African American employees all love her. One such employee has worked in her restaurant for almost 23 years. She made a mistake once….and it was so long ago. But she shouldn’t be crucified for it. Especially in light of her actions in the time since it has happened. My friend told me that the first time she met Paula, Paula commented on my friends tattoo on her arm, which is a picture of her deceased son and his name. Paula said she loved her tattoo and said she was so sorry for her loss and even kissed her tattoo. My friend was shocked that Paula would be so compassionate to a complete stranger and kiss her arm tattoo. My friend is mexican. Now you tell me…do you really think this is the treatment Paula deserves? People who don’t know her and of her kindness want to believe everything that the media says, but those of us who know her, know that it is all lies.

    • Hi Not Telling! Well you have someone who is on your side. Her name is Dee. Have you seen her comments? She will be very happy to read your post. I on the other hand still believe that Paula Deen is 100% wrong; and again, if she is not, the truth shall set her free.

    • Good Morning Vayanoticias,

      Your comment was a pleasant surprise for me to read. Your thoughts were extremely motivational, and I am sincerely appreciative. Thanks for taking time out to read my thoughts, and Have A Beautiful Day:)


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