Jason Collins; Your 15 Minutes Is Going Into Overtime; Why?

Jason Collins

Jason Collins is the “no where near Jordan, Kobe, LeBron” player, and has been in the NBA since 2001. He is now a free agent and he felt that he needed to come clean about something prior to signing a contract with another team. Jason revealed to the world that he is a gay man. Social media went crazy and posted him, and his comment all over the world. Oprah must have called him that evening because he was on her show the same weekend!

A couple of days passed and his white, ex-fiance came forward and she got her 15 minutes of fame too!

Now Jason is representing Nike LGBT sports. According to the article written by Maggie Hendricks; he surprised the crowd when he walked into the LGBT meeting, which I asssume was a room full of other gay people in sports, and received a standing ovation!

“You can’t stereotype what it means to be gay,” Collins said.

Well Jason, I can’t sterotype what it means to be gay, but I can stereotype the typical Black athlete. Most of them probably are gay, but they would rather walk around with a white woman on their arms while they are “trapped in the closet,” instead of a Black woman. I am disgusted that Oprah Oprah even had this man on her show! Why did she not call Chelesa Fearce, the homeless valedictorian, and interview her? She is a Super Soul Sunday interview!

So let me get this straight…..Nike will stop endorsements if the public complains about a comment or a mistake made by any of it’s endorsee; but telling the world how you like to have sex will get you and endorsement with them. WTH! My son better think about another pair of back to school tennis, because I will not be giving them a dime. Sorry Jordan….but you’re another typical Black athlete!

Jason, please get your boyfriend and go sit the hell down! You 15 minutes of fame should have been over!

Ginger’s Thought – What happened to the phrase “whatever you do in your bedroom, stays in your bedroom!”


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