Al “SellOut” Sharpton – First “Tom” to eat a Sam-bo Sandwich at Paula’s Restaurant.


“To me, the thing that is worse than death is betrayal. You see, I could conceive death, but I could not conceive betrayal.”
― Malcolm X

Al “Sellout” Sharpton thinks Paula Deen is getting played by the media for using the n-word. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this Black boy with a suit and a bow tie supposed to be a Civil Rights Activist?

Tom, I mean Al, believes that Paula should be forgiven. He says, “a lot of us have in the past said things we have regretted.”

Tom, I mean Al, goes further to say that Paula should instead be judged based on the outcome of the current lawsuit … from a former employee accusing Paula and her brother of using offensive language, and “You can’t deal with what is fair and not fair till we see the outcome of the present circumstances she’s accused of not something 20 years ago.”

What pisses me off about about this twig with a perm, is that he actually tried to stir up hell on wheels in 2006 for Aaron McGruder. For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. McGruder, he is the author and cartoonist of the comic strip, “BoonDocks!” Tom, I mean Al felt that this episode, “The Return Of The King,” was offensive to Dr. Martin Luther King, so in front of the world he asked The Cartoon Network to issue a public apology because Dr. King’s character used the word nigger in this episode.

This was the Cartoon Network’s reply and I agree with them a hundred percent:

“Cartoon Network released a statement Tuesday saying the episode is a tribute to King and “in no way was meant to offend or ‘desecrate'” his name. “We think Aaron McGruder came up with a thought-provoking way of not only showing Dr. King’s bravery but also of reminding us of what he stood and fought for, and why even today, it is important for all of us to remember that and to continue to take action,”

This Uncle Tom….. should cut that broke off shit out of his head wearing….. reverend low-down…. fake ass activist…… is actually defending this white woman for saying more that then word nigger, but had the rope and the tree ready for Aaron.

Yep; Mr. McGruder is also a Black man! A Black man who uses his talent and art as a platform to address issues within our race.

A Black man who has employed other Black talented actors and actresses; such as, Regina King: (Brenda…”No Place Like Home…”), John Witherspoon: (Pops, The Coordinator), Gary Anthony Williams: (Soul Plane, “I’m A Survivorrrrrrrrrr), Cedric Yarbrough: (Reno 911 – The Black Cop..)

Ginger’s Thoughts – This man has my nerves on fire! “Did she pay your dumb ass to betray your race like this? Will this keep you on the MSN channel? How did the Sam-bo sandwich taste? In my Evelyn voice from BasketBall Wives, “You are a non-mutherfucking factor!”

Oh and Tom, I mean Al, Great job in this episode:)


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