Are You Dawn Richards?


So I just went on’s website and I found this post unsettling. I copied the link for yall to check it out.

The title of the post is, Dawn Richards from Dirty Money Got A Full on Face Lift and Booty Implants and……..Now She Is Gorgeous!!

Well Dawn, I thought that you were gorgeous prior to Mrs. Potato Heading yourself. I saw the before and after pictures and I could not believe the transformation.

We all met Dawn Richards as a member of Puff Daddy, P.Diddy, Ciroc, whatever he’s calling himself now, group, Danity Kane. There were three other young ladies in this group. Well, just as the reality show was a joke, so was this group, and so they split and moved on to more whorish adventures. Dawn Richards was the only member who continued to conduct herself like a Lady and I personally think that it influenced Puffy to want to keep her under his wings, kinda like a Lil Wayne and Birdman saga; however, Dirty Money did not produce a “The Carter” type of success.

There is a lot about this young lady that many people may not know. First, she is from New Orleans (in my Jeezy voice…I put on for my city, I put on for my city, I put oooonnnnnnn). Secondly, her parents were both involved with music in some type of way, so (in my Lil Wayne’s voice, it’s in her blood, she feel it flowing in every vein). Thirdly, she was first discovered (in my Mystikal voice, Tipitina’s). Lastly, she was a cheerleader for the New Orleans Hornet while she attended the University of New Orleans.

That’s a resume of a strong, beautiful, intelligent, young, woman. Soooooo; I can’t help but wonder how she secretly felt about herself. As I look again at Dawn’s before and after pictures I wonder, “How did she feel when she looked in the mirror before her face made out with a knife?”

I don’t know…I think that if I had the money to change something about myself, I would ask a doctor to suck the fat out of my stomach, put some of it in my butt, throw the rest away, and then securely close me back up, but I would never change anything about my face!

I personally believe that our face is the one thing about us that makes us unique from the world. Even if identical twins are in a room together, their mother can look at the both of them and explain to others in that same room, the differences in her childrens’ similar faces.

Some white man has a quote, “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword” and these are some real words. Authors who are blogging, or doing anything that requires likes, and fans, and followers, have a responsiblity to use their gift towards uplifting their audience! Yes, even us with the eight people currently showing us love.

This is our platform to reach, to teach, and to uplift people. Of course if you are exposed of doing wrong we are going to “type” whip your ass, but hey; you deserve it!

We all have things that we would like to change about ourselves, so what is the point of constantly hating on others. How they dress, the weight they’ve gain…It’s childish. Some people take our jokes too heart, and when they become addicted to the feel of the knife and start looking like Joan Rivers and begin to sleep with their eyes open….We talk about their asses some more, instead of just stopping! SMDH!

Ginger’s Thoughts – From one N.O. girl to another; I hope that you are happy now and I wish you much success.


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