Lauryn Hill Explains Her IRS Issues & Her Ideas Of Reverse Racism

Ms. Hill you are the truth! Just remember; in the dark is how we find the light. Jail created the Montgomery boycott. Jail created Malcolm X, and in your solitude, you will be re-created:)



Just days before her three-month prison bid for tax evasion, Grammy-winning artist, Lauryn Hill decided to hop on her personal Tumblr page and release a manifesto detailing the flaws in reverse racism and how the system is set up for Black people to fail.

Lauryn has always been a mouthpiece for the people. Her socially conscious music transcended time and created a late for instant classics laced in some of the hottest Hip-Hop-inspired beats. And as a true artist, Lauryn’s intelligence is part passion, part experience.

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Ms. Hill must be prepared to carry out her sentence on July 8th, but she’s not going in without a verbal fight. Lauryn’s manifesto goes in about reverse racism and why the idea of it is flawed, but then she got into her tax troubles and detailed the flaws in…

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