When You Get Sober!


There’s a place that I don’t like to visit too often, and now I’m thinking about maybe packing a suitcase, because the few hours I have been spending there has now turned in to days.

Years of unsanitary things have dwelled in this place and so I know that I will have to pack cleaning supplies, extra wash clothes, and my Cocoa Butter Dove soap.

It’s awful dark there, and so I better bring as much light as I can; along with, a powerful energy source to use as backup in case the darkness tries to trap me inside.

There’s pain there…so much pain, and so I will need to pack extra bottles of Motrin and Goody’s powders to help me with the areas that will hurt. The Motrin will stop the pain that I will feel in my body, and the Goody’s powder will stop my head from pounding.

Something about that place makes me feel weak, and vulnerable, and finished, and so I must pack every vitamin in my possession so that I can have the energy to leave that place behind for good.

That place is the inner part of myself, and it is hard as hell going there SOBER….but at least I’m going.


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