Krissi Biasiello, the Paula Deen of Master Chef

master chef

Krissi “I am loud, obnoxious, and ignorant” Biasiello true colors have finally be revealed. This re-mix of Paula Deen first appeared on Master Chef as a heart warming single mother trying to make a better life for her and her son. All single mother’s could relate to her, and being that I am one; I cheered for her.

I watched this loud, obnoxious, and ignorant cunt on a MasterChef episode and she saved a white contestant who she acted like she couldn’t stand, and sent home a Puerto Rican father. As that father struggled in the kitchen, she laughed at his demise and now that I think of it, her laugh was pretty similar to Paula. I am not surprised to find this article about her below:

The Philadelphia Daily News says it has uncovered racist tweets by current “MasterChef” contestant Krissi Biasiello. The 34-year-old Philadelphia paralegal, who like Deen specializes in delicious but fatty comfort foods, is accused of using the N-word in one tweet and making a racist rape joke in another.

Fox declined to comment, and Biasiello did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Daily News said that in one tweet, from May 21, 2012, Biasiello called the NBA “N—ers Bouncing Around.” In another, from July 24, the paper said she wrote: “Better make sure you’re on top when sleeping with a black guy. … Otherwise it’s probably rape.”

Ginger’s Thoughts – Have you looked in the mirror Krissi “I am loud, obnoxious, and ignorant” Biasiello. It would not hurt your big ass to run, or bounce around the court a couple of times with those Niggas that you tweeted about disrespectfully. Furthermore; what decent looking Black guy would want you on top of them? You’re the type that they hit from the back. I hope your ass gets kicked off soon so that you can crawl back into that medium matchbox apartment you came out of!


13 thoughts on “Krissi Biasiello, the Paula Deen of Master Chef

  1. Well said! That worthless price of shit masquerading as a human female needs to be brought down. As a man, I am offended. As an immigrant to America I am offended. As a member if the human race I am offended. The surprise that she has survived this far frightens me. Is that we want cooking our food? Not mine, thanks.

    • Hi Eric! I love your comment! “That worthless price of shit masquerading as a human female…” Super Cool…Genius!! I am also surprised that she has lasted this long. She honestly has not impressed me yet and I would have to be a meal away from death before deciding to eat something that her hands have cooked:)

      I read that you are an immigrant and if you don’t mind be asking, “Where were you born?”

      Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts. Have A Beautiful Night and you are welcome to come back and visit me:)

  2. what an ignorant cunt. the surprising thing is that someone was either drunk enough, self-loathing enough, or just plan blind enough to impregnate her.

    • Hi Dryfter,

      I love your comment and you are correct; she is self-loathing! Who is the real Krissi Biasiello? I do know that whatever alcohol allowed a man to have unprotected sex with an asshole of her nature; I never, ever, ever, want to get a shot of it:)

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the post. Please do not be a stranger and Have A Beautiful Night:)


  3. I just started watching Master Chef on YouTube and I´m just amazed at how a reality show contestant can verbally destroy another participant and remain unpunished. I´m a big fan of Master Chef and of good reality shows but this “woman” (if you can call her that) is so disrespectful I get grossed out by looking at her mean, ignorant and envious face. I really hope they filter not only contestants who can cook but contestants you can call people and not plain animals!

    • Hi Lucia Pereira,

      Nice to meet you! I loved Master Chef too because I felt that it had heart, and I can’t believe that they allowed Biasiello to change the virtue of the show!
      Your right, she is disrespectful, and her behavior makes her down-right ugly! I hope they don’t make a mistake again like her next season:)
      Thank you for taking the time to read my post because it means a lot to me.
      Have A Beautiful Night and Please do not be a stranger.

      • Absolutely! I just found out about master chef on YouTube though I already know about it but since I¨m in Uruguay we don´t have it on TV right now. I love to cook and am learning lots from watching this amazing show. I do know that these type of reality shows are very edited so they might want everybody to see such a creepy character for marketing purposes only but I really hope they don´t go so extreme next year!!! Please keep me posted!

  4. I will keep you posted; however, I think that I will soon be blogging about a “non-creepy” and lovable Chef that is fresh on the scene named Pereira!!!! Maybe I’ll get an exclusive interview…..Keep me posted…..:)

  5. I get so tired of black people ranting about racism. If these other races are so bad why do you watch their shows, and buy their products and support their businesses. For e.g I do not believe in boycotting Paula Deen , I believe in never ever purchasing her products ever again. C’mon black people you know the score “They fooled us once that’s their fault, they, fooled us twice that is our fault.

    • Hi Forward thinking black female!

      I gather that you want Black people to keep quiet. My question to you is why? Do you not think that we have earned the right to voice our opinions on subject matters of our choice? My posts are beyond racism, as I speak about the character of the individual that I write about. If Paula Dean would have spoke her truth, her situation would not have been so explosive, and did you see the character of Krissi Biasiello? The comments I received about her behavior did not come from ranting Blacks; they came from ranting whites so need I say more?

      You must know that every race that was “fooled” in the past, was compensated and/or respected in some type of format. My ancestors played a crucial role in the development of the Jamestown colonies; however, Indians and whites are the only race shown in American History textbooks. The Carters are not mentioned, and do when I hear my grandmother speak of physical pain from working hard on plantations for most of her life; why should I be quiet about racism?

      I am proud to hear the voice of my people. I am proud to see that when we speak; situations change. How so you think Paula lost her endorsements so fast? That’s power and I pray that the next generation take that power to another level as the spirits of Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, reincarnated, because where would we be if they stopped ranting and what would have been accomplished if their spouses told them that they were tired of hearing them rant?

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my thoughts. I sincerely appreciate your comment, and I hope that you stop by again! Have A Beautiful Night:)

  6. To GingerGirl
    I am not saying that Blacks should be quiet. I am saying that if we are going to turn our attention to every white racist or Asian racist, we will be fighting every minute of everyday, let’s face it those folks will never change. I want Blacks to take their money, be disciplined, take their energy and fight to have their successful businesses, (because integration i.e Macy, Barneys, Paula Deens, Asian wig shops, etc. etc. have never and will never benefit us). Do you notice that integration tends to be our schtick. Whites and Asians are not into integration like we are (which is why they are more successful). I am not a Black separatist, but just a Black woman who believes the Black race should begin to do for ourselves just like other races do for themselves. Thank you for your reply, and help our Black people heal and to do for ourselves and to find practical solutions to become economically sufficient.

  7. To: Gingergirl
    By the way I forgot to add, you are very very right every other race who has been fooled in the past has been compensated and respected and we Blacks have not been. We cannot change the past, but we can change the present let us compensate ourselves, with having our own thriving businesses and living healthy lifestyles, and let us stop forever giving our money to racist White ,Asian, Middle Eastern businesses, who do not want us shopping at their stores. This is the time for the Black race to heal and to go forward.

    • Hi Forward thinking Black female!

      I agree with you 100% and I respect your thought process. I do not think that you read my post by coincidence because our focus is much alike and that my sister, is a Beautiful thing:)

      I think that we are the generation of speech. We are saying the words that our ancestors were too afraid to be speak; and while that it is positive, it’s just not enough! We are not equip mentally; and the results of that is, ignorance and the lack of necessary means needed to turn our dreams into reality.

      We will however; see a thriving, economic, society of Black businesses with our upcoming and future generations because they will not just talk, they will be about actions.

      You mention the word Heal and I think that is what holds the key to all of our futures. Healing begins when we can envision ourselves in a renewed state of being and that renewal begins in our minds.

      I’m currently building up a series of post that will focus on those issues and I’m praying for positive results for myself; and every person that reads the message of the day. I’ve re-written them so many times because I want each word to come from our Creator and not me, and unlike my past post, I’m going to use more out-reach methods for these.

      Please know that I will hunt you down because I will be looking for your input and advisement! LOL!

      Have A Beautiful Night and you’re family now so I’ll TTYL!


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