It’s All About Us, Forget “Them!”

I realized this week that Devils, (for those who believe that he does not exist, replace the word with Negative Entities) comes in many forms, male and female. They prepare and educate Themselves in the elemental format used in the “Art of War.” They are determined, and become experts in any posts that They are assigned to be it a Trayvon Martin’s defense attorney, or Big Meech! They are patient, and silent, and diligent when working toward Their goals and if they fail, They don’t get angry and give up. No, They smile and contemplate Their next strategic move and cunningly prepare for Their next attack.

To have a common title attached to Their name is ludicrous! They hold positions in Governments, Banks, Law Enforcement and Schools. Believe it or not, some of Them actually have Reverend, Pastor, Bishop, and Priest in front of Their names too!

In Government, They offer you assistance. They smile and tell you everything that want you to hear. Their words are so genuine and so you put your trust in Them, close your eyes, and allow Them to take control; consequently, you wash yourself like a rape victim because you realize that everything They said was a lie! Now you turn tricks for Them because nothing that They assist you with is from the heart. They always have a hidden agenda and motive.

In Banks, They listen to your ideas secretly knowing that your plan could bankrupt other devils like Donald Trump. They could easily talk to Their manager and assist you with making your powerful vision become your powerful reality; however, because of your “trial and error” experiences of handling finances; They will deny your Small Business loan because of your credit score without considering the weekly pay check that you have been depositing for years into Their establishment. They get rich and you continue to dream that someday you will be too!

In Law Enforcement, They could be compassionate with certain “first time” offenses; because after all, for decades, They have been secretly performing the exact actions as you. They could offer you other alternatives instead of prison years; however, They discern your true spirit and the message that awaits in your soul, so of course you get the felony charge, along with the years! Now, you and your message are literally locked up together.

In School, They already know your future and the purpose that you were created for. They know that you are one of the chosen to be raised for such a time as this; however, you have no idea who you are, so you fall victim to every trap that has he set for you. The results of this is you joining the African-American drop-out statistics rate.

In Church, you drive by searching for a parking space and you can’t help but to notice the new cars that the Pastor and the First Lady are driving. You feel like a tourist every time you visit, because you can’t help but notice that the church is getting larger and larger, as a room is always being added for something! The choir dramatically performs; however, you are observing the Deacons checking out the young ladies who don’t quite understand that come as you are, means come with your heart and all of your sins, not come like you are about to slide up and down a stripper pole. You hold the little money that you have in your hand prepared for offering time, waiting to hear a word from the Lord pertaining to your situation from the Shepard. You turn to the Bible scripture obediently, and you attentively focus on the Shepard; however, you leave prior to benediction feeling the exact same way that you came because God never showed up. You then decide to handle your situation yourself. You had no idea, but They watched you the entire time, and They laugh knowing that Their mission was successfully accomplished.

Ginger’s Thoughts – It’s all about US! Forget Them. We all are born with a purpose. We all have something that this world needs, and it is simply time that we began to start activating the gifts that we possess! You came from a dysfunctional home…ok. Start working on it and Let’s move on. You were hurt in a horrible way and you can’t let it go…ok. Start working on it and Let’s move on. You loved that man and he left you to be a single mother…ok. Start working on it and Let’s move on. You are a High School Drop-Out…ok. Start working on it and Let’s move on. You a hustler and have a felony because of it…ok, Start working on it and Let’s move. For whatever else…Start working on it and Let’s move on.

Me personally, my credit score is jacked up. I can not began my purpose until I raise it up from the dead. I’m going on a “Nothing Extra, Stay Out of the Stores, and away from Them” fast. I’m starting to work on it.


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