Happy Birthday Grandma!!! The 5 Things She Taught Me

dean01 (2)

Today, July 15, 2013, my Grandmother has made 71 years old, and so I want to take a moment to dedicate a post to her, and every awesome quality that she represents.

There are five things that she grilled in us and they are as follows:

1. Trust God and Pray because no matter what the situation looks like, if you pray from your heart, God will fix it!

2. Be an independent woman, make your own money, I worked three jobs my whole life, so do better with the one that you have, and if your man can’t piss, tell him to get off the toilet. (This means if he is not helping you, then put his ass out!

3. Every woman must have a house of their own, because no two women can live together unless they like eating hamburgers!

4. Never let your right hand know what your hand is doing.

5. Do not hold people in your heart. If you holding on to hate in your heart for them, then don’t even go to Church because God is not hearing nothing you are saying and you stupid because you holding your own blessings up!

Well Grandma, I felt you on 1 through 4, but let’s keep it real; until I get em back, I continue to hold them in my heart…well what can I say; I’m a work in progress!

Ginger’s Thoughts – I love you with everything and I am so proud of you. You were born on a plantation. You dropped out of school fairly early and picked cotton and sugar canes to provide for your parents and siblings. You left your comfort zone to move to New Orleans for more opportunities for your generations and we are Beasts because of it. We ain’t scared of s@@t! You worked you butt off and now you are a home owner, driving around like an “OG!” You live what you preach and if I could become half of the woman you are, I will be grateful.

Check out you Happy Birthday Song..Yo Gabba Gabba, Yo Gabba Gabba..


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