I Know It Was You….

My children and I went to the funeral of my Aunt Aline Lenoir today in Kentwood, Louisiana.

I met my Aunt Aline in my teens. My mother could no longer afford to take care of me, so she sent me to live with my Father’s side of the family. I felt like an orphan! I felt alone, nervous, and afraid of the unknown. I remember the first day I met this light skinned, green eyed, fast talking beautiful woman. She talked to me and it felt as if she was speaking to my soul secretly telling me that I was ok, and that everything was going to be alright. And it was!

My Aunt had taught her generation the true meaning of love. I mean, a lot of people call themselves Christians and wear WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) jewelry, and when tested, those hypocrites fail every time! But her Daughters, and their children, and their children, treated me as if I was one of their own. This family was there for me when others had closed their hearts to me, and I will never be able to find adjectives that could explain how much I love and appreciate them.

I did not visit My Aunt before she passed and that is a mistake that I will never make again. I am so sorry Auntie. Lesson Learned.

But the feeling of warmth that I felt each time I saw one of my family members, and the tears I held back as I hugged each one tightly in my arms, and the feeling of knowing that I was amongst people who truly loved me and my children; I know it was your Spirit in our presence each time.

I love you Auntie, and I know it was you.


2 thoughts on “I Know It Was You….

  1. Who are you?? I just want to know Aunt Aline is my great aunt she is my grandmother’s sister. I miss her dearly. Just feel good to read about the love she had for her entire family she was a great person.

    • Good Morning Marie!!

      Hi! It’s me; Wenquetta, Wendell Blackburn’s oldest daughter. Auntie Aline was my great aunt too because Emma was my Grandmother! We’re second cousins:) I miss her too, and I will always be sorry for not going to see her before she went on to Heaven.

      I’m so happy you enjoyed my post because my heart is in every word on that page. I will never forget the love that Auntie, Linda, Etta, and the entire family shared with me at the most painful time of my life. They embraced me when my father didn’t and I will forever be grateful.

      God works in mysterious ways and I am curious to know how you ran across my blog. Please write back so that we can keep in touch and thank you for blessing me with this message!

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