An Article For Every Black Single Mother To Save, Print, and Add to Favorites

Have you ever saw the Criminal Mind episode where Dr. Spencer Reid (the young, white, geninus, character) is walking toward a house surrounded by tall plants with Derek Morgan (the gorgeous young man whose skin looks af it was unpeeled from a Werther’s Original Caramel wrapper) and Reid suddenly closes the door and locks himself inside of the house to protect Morgan because he realizes that he has recently been infected with the Anthrax virus? Well if you haven’t, I pretty much described the plot.
Anyway, Scientist and Biochemist surrounded the house dressed in protective white gear that somewhat resembled Astronaut attire searching for the antidote that could save the young doctor’s life, and as residents began to approach the team questioning, “What the hell is going on?” The team decided that it was in the best interest of all to create a bogus lie for the public until they received a finalized resolution.

Gingerbread, where are you going with this?

I’m going into “Things that make you say Hmmmmm….” mode! ArsenioHall say hmmmm

As far as my memory allows, Black Women have been treated as if we were the killer substance named Anthrax! Like Reid, America locked us out and made Black Women the face of her economic defaults and disgrace! She and her assigned team concocted a bogus lie and hypnotized others to believe that self-sufficiency was an un-known word in a Single Black Mother’s mental vocabulary or physical capability, resulting in our Black male counterparts believing the hype and disrespecting us with even more hateful contempt, as they walk around publicly wearing that invisible astronaut attire I previously described to avoid the affect, of being infected by a woman of a race that matches theirs!

Below is an example of my statement. Whenever there is a post relating to an issue within our community, it’s simply demeaning to read comments off of “Black Owned” blog sites authored by assholes such as this.

“Exactly, the kind of response black women make and believe.

You hoes need to get married before having babies but you can’t do that because you have no self-respect.

When the white man finally cuts off welfare for unaccountable women and change child support laws you black women will be a$ out of luck with your beliefs.”

Unfortunately, this is not the only asshole in our world injected with lethal ignorance and bullshit…they are everywhere, and unfortunately we only have a few Derek Morgans searching for the plight of a Black Single Mother antidote!

Granted their are some infected Black women who are complacent and require a prescription of drive and a shot of motivation; but this silent killer is found in every race; however, for years America spoke as if Black Single Mothers were the only species with no forms of an antidote for the poverty disease. Some of us had logical explanations of our perdicaments when we requested assistance from our government; however, those types of situations were never shown or notated, as the team decided that the only input required from our race was numbers placed in the “lowest” statistical categories!

I came across an article that certainly could be used as an antidote for Single Black Mothers, because according to Yahoo Finance, white women are now equal too, or have passed Blacks with receiving government assistance, unemployment, and having children out of wedlock, and the percentile has increased of hispanics living in high poverty neighborhoods and decreased for Blacks.

ballin woman
Ginger’s Thoughts – So in other words; we have been handling our business! Congratulations to every Black Woman and Single Mother and make sure you read, save, print, and add this article to your favorites so that you will be prepared the next time you talk to, or read a comment posted from an Asshole:)


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