I Should Not Have Watched MTV Videos this Morning!!

School is back in effect, and I have a certain routine that I follow Monday through Friday prior to going to work.

4:30 am – Wake up
4:35 am – Smoke a Cigarette
4:40 am – Brush my teeth
4:45 am – Get in the kitchen and prepare breakfast for my son and daughter
5:05 am – Awake my son
5:10 am – Awake my son again
5:15 am – Place food, juice, Zyrtec, on table for son
5:20 am – Pack up remaining food for daughter; along with lunch and snacks for both of them and her toys.
5:23 am – Put television on OWN channel and watch Dr. Phil
5:25 am – Threaten son regarding consequences of him not getting out of his bed.
5:30 am – Awake daughter
5:45 am – Dress daughter, decorate daughter, calm daughter
5:50 am – Checklist for nothing missing or forgotten
6:00 am – Wave See you later and scream I love you(s) to children
6:05 am – Sit on the sofa and stare
6:10 am – Turn the televisions on TBS and watch, “My Name Is Earl!”
6:15 am – Start getting dressed for work.
7:10 am Checklist for nothing missing or forgotten
7:13 am – Go time!!!

My routine pretty much remained the same; however, my television was on MTV and apparently music videos are shown at 6:00 am. I listen to all kinds of music so listening to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Bruno Mars was OK and the words of Kanye West’s new song was pretty deep; however, the video creeped me out a bit but I was still OK until I was introduced to this song by Macklemore X Ryan Lewis ft Mary Lambert.

I believe the name of this song is called “Same Love.” This song basically uses adjectives and synonyms pertaining to the plight of being gay; however, I found his comparison of gay and racial struggle to be an analogy, and that pissed me off!

ArsenioHall say hmmmm

I heard these lyrics:

“It’s the same hate that has caused wars from religion. Gender, to skin color, the complexion of your pigment. The same fight that led to walk-outs and sit-ins. It’s human rights for everybody there is no difference.”

So I’m questioning the hate that he is describing because many religious wars began when a follower believed that their God was being disrespected. Many of those leaders were in fact gay, but they promoted their issue and not their sexuality.

I can’t believe that the word gender begins the next sentence! Skin color is next and then the mention of protest actions follows. Obviously this singer is not Black.

Is this protest of gays or Blacks because the only gay people who can could relate to being denied human rights are Black and Jews, and even Mr. Bayard Rustin who was a Civil Rights Activist, a Quaker, and a gay advocate understood that before he nationally fought for his gay rights in 1970, his first knock-out and win had to be for the Civil Rights of his people!

Ginger’s Thoughts – Speaking of rights, do I have any? I mean do I get any endorsement deals or media attention for wanting to sleep with men? Can I change the race on my birth certificate like trans who are allowed to change the gender on their birth certificate after surgery?
There is a major difference between love and rape and I hope that gay people realize this soon and find other outlets of expressing themselves by leaving the struggle of my ancestors out of their songs; as well as, their thousands of irrelevant debates that demand attention from all sources of the rainbow.


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