George Zimmerman Seeks $200.000 Legal Payback


29-year-old George Zimmerman wants Florida taxpayers to reimburse him for his legal fees.

George Zimmerman is standing his ground — and he wants Florida taxpayers to reimburse him for a large chunk of his legal expenses.

The neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted of second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin is asking the Sunshine State to cover $200,000 to $300,000 for the cost of expert witnesses, travel, depositions and photocopies, the Orlando Sentinel reported Monday.

That tab also includes the cost of a video the defense used during closing arguments that shows the unarmed black teenager punching Zimmerman.

Defense attorney Mark O’Mara told the paper that a motion is “in the works” to ask a judge to approve the payments.

Because the 29-year-old watchman was found not guilty during a five-week trial last month, state law requires Florida to pay all of his legal fees — except for the price tag of his lawyer.

That comes on top of the roughly $900,000 that public agencies already spent on Zimmerman’s behalf during the much-hyped court case, which prompted demonstrations all over the country.

To read this article in full, check out the link below:
Ginger’s Thoughts – So, a man is convicted of murder and he asks to go to trial. he wins, and then he sues the state of Florida and gets all of his money back. This shit is un-believable! Well, now we know why he never looked nervous. Now we know why that thirsty juror felt the need to explain her true feelings after the verdict that she helped to create. And now without a doubt, we know that this whole incident was planned, and Trayvon Martin never had a chance for justice in this world. His murder was pre-meditated and so was this trial!


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