‘Twerking’ Added to Oxford Dictionary (Thanks, Miley Cyrus?) The One Who Deserves to Get All of This “Twerking” Attention…

Miley Cyrus is getting all of this un-deserved attention for her poor, white, girl attempt at twerking. The media is going crazy and they are affiliating “Twerking” to her as if she was a synomyn used for this word. Used; however, would be a great adjective to describe her entry level stripper skills shown at the VMA awards.

Well, all of us from the “N.O.” find this hilarious as we know the true origins of the word twerk; as well as the correct way to perform this dance successfully; and for any persons un-familiar with Jerome Temple, AKA, D.J. Jubilee, I’m going to provide a brief bio of The Father of New Orleans Bounce music.

Jerome Temple began his career as an Special Education Teacher and coach for Walter L. Cohen High School. (Shoutout to graduate Cynthia Tee-Tee Pleasant, as she wears that class ring like it’s a gazillion dollars emerald) I don’t care how great your band, or high school football team was, no school could match the party atmosphere that Cohen’s DJ brought and so it was to no one’s surprise when this D.J. became an over-night sensation.

D.J. Jubilee should be a millionare currently because he could have sued the hell out of performers for stealing his music and SwaggerJacking. Don’t believe me, ask Juvenile and Beyonce:) !

Ginger’s Thoughts – DJ, you betta wake up and sue these people…..I invite you to check out this video and listen to the Father of Bounce, and for everybody else, let’s remember how we use to dance off of this entire song without getting out of breath:) “What’s the name of your school?….Rabouin!”


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