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I Know u lookin down on me, i have no excuses

I bring this shit to me an i have no apology

I spend my doh so  its all on me, yo

i get down with the white an brown in the street like a fuckin clown i get high and then i come back down

For a short while i am on my own dreamin, driftin away from the misery that lives deep inside ov me.

I aint gone forever i know how i live aint clever i guess its just my ways but i come back it usually takes 3 days.

As i go thru the highs and lows my body takes blows like Pacquio, i guess u think you know me now

I do that full circle thing that is what i am trying to bring and when my fucked up body has almost recovered

I come…

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The Five Lessons Arsenio Hall’s Return to Late-Night Television Taught Me.


Arsenio Hall, the true King of Late-Night television has returned and I am praying that he climbs his way back to the top and kick that white ass off his throne! Mr. Hall is known for creating memorial interviews that will never be forgotten. Former President, Bill Clinton serenaded us with his saxophone on Mr. Hall’s stage. Ervin “Magic” Johnson introduced us all to the reality of HIV/AIDs and gave those infected hope that this virus was not an immediate death sentence. Popular Latino comic, George Lopez was introduced on this show and honestly owes the beginning of his career to Arsenio Hall.

Along with great guest, Mr. Hall provided a unique platform with a positive energy that made you want to watch show his show in its entirety. I never remember a boring show even when he had guests that I personally was not to fond of. That takes talent!

I will never forget the night when Arsenio Hall addressed his audience, the “Dog Pound”, and all of us viewers watching, stating that his network did not approve of Louis Farrakhan, the Leader of the Nation of Islam, to be interviewed on his show, and if he proceeded, his show would be canceled. Unfortunately, Mr. Hall did not believe that threat and had Louis Farrakhan on the show, and that decision resulted in to immediate cancellation.

I do not recall the nation fighting for him; however, a bunch of white folks were recruited in an attempt to fulfill his position. Arsenio Hall seemed to disappear into thin air and I was pissed! Why didn’t he try to fight back? Where was all of the people he helped? Were they helping and supporting him? These were the questions I was asking myself.

I found him again on Donald’s Trump Celebrity Apprentice show and I was pleasantly surprised by his peaceful demeanor and wise thought process through-out the competition. Instead of being angry and behaving as an contestant who deserved to win he was humble; and in the end, he was declared the winner.

Arsenio Hall taught me:

1. It’s true, How we handle Setbacks, effects our Comebacks!

2. Haters expect a Bitter demeanor, surprise them with a demeanor of Peace instead!

3. Be open to new opportunities, because you never know who is the key to your next level!

4. Draw knowledge everywhere you can, because when you meet opportunity you want to be prepared!

5. Don’t give-up! These words are so simple but the meaning of them are powerful. Life can beat the hell out of you and leave you for dead, but there is an Angel of Mercy for everybody. The hardest part is believing!

I’ve included a link if you would like to read more about this awesome man.

Ginger’s Thoughts – Yep, I stole one of my category titles from this man…”Things that make you say hm………………!”

Remembering Londyn Samuels

I’m at my desk this morning exhausted! My children take so much of my energy. I’m a single mom of two. My son is fourteen and of course I spoiled him rotten so in his mind, he believes that he is the Louisiana version of Prince Akeem from Coming to America. I do everything for him and now I’m trying to figure out how to kill the inner monster I created!

My daughter is two and she has the personality of an Olympian! I’m 33,and just way too old to keep up. I have complained about the both of them all morning and stressing the need of a peaceful vacation and then I opened my blog to posts I had saved. I found this one.


The body of Londyn Samuels, 1, lies in a casket as her sister, Paris, 3, looks up at her during the funeral at New Hope Baptist Church in New Orleans on Saturday, September 7, 2013. Samuels was murdered while in the arms of her babysitter.

(Photo by Chris Granger, | The Times-Picayune)Ginger’s Thoughts – I close with asking God to forgive me for my selfish thoughts and complaints. I am not a grieving mother this morning, unlike the mother of this one year old baby. My children talked to each other this morning, unlike this big sister who can only stare at her little sister whom she will no longer talk to accept in her dreams. Sometimes reality checks are stronger than coffee!

Randall Kerrick – Another Zimmerman’s Recruit…


A North Carolina police officer was charged with voluntary manslaughter on Saturday after police say he fatally shot an unarmed man who had apparently just survived a car crash in Charlotte and was looking for help.

The victim, Jonathan Ferrell, a 24-year-old former Florida A&M University football player, was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene early Saturday morning.

The 27-year-old officer, Randall Kerrick, turned himself in to police late Saturday. He was released on a $50,000 bond.

“The shooting of Mr. Ferrell was excessive,” the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said in a statement. “Our investigation has shown that Officer Kerrick did not have a lawful right to discharge his weapon during this encounter.”

According to police, Ferrell crashed his vehicle into the woods, climbed out of his car and walked a half-mile to the nearest house. He began “banging on the door viciously,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Chief Rodney Monroe said.

“It was quite possible he was seeking assistance based on his accident,” Monroe said.

But the woman who answered the door thought Ferrell was a burglar and called police shortly after 2:30 a.m. to report an attempted break-in.

Kerrick and two other responding officers surrounded Ferrell, who “immediately charged” at the police, Monroe said. One officer tried unsuccessfully to subdue Ferrell with a taser. Kerrick then fired his weapon “several times.”

“He immediately charged toward the three officers, one in particular,” Monroe said. “That officer in particular fired his weapon several times, striking the individual multiple times.”

“It’s with heavy hearts and significant regrets it’s come to this,” Monroe added. “Our hearts go out to the Ferrell family and many members of the CMPD family.

According to the Charlotte Observer, police said initially that Kerrick’s actions were “appropriate and lawful.” But a subsequent investigation found the officer, who joined the Police Department in 2011, had “violated the law regarding voluntary manslaughter.” Under North Carolina law, voluntary manslaughter is defined as killing without malice using “excessive force” in exercising “imperfect self-defense,” the paper said.

Monroe said there was no evidence Ferrell threatened the woman. Alcohol did not appear a factor in the crash, he added.

The two other officers involved in the incident were placed on paid administrative leave.

Ginger’s Thoughts – I have re-read this article three times and I am having a problem establishing the thought process of the North Carolina police department. It seems as though Chief Monroe is inferring that his officers used excessive force on this young Black college athlete; however, the penalties that these officers are receiving state other wise. $50.000 bond? The neighborhood dope dealers get bigger bonds than that! Paid administrative leave? Who gets paid vacations for murder? Of course, the Zimmerman clan. To the Ferrell family; I’m sorry for your loss. God has a way of using all of us to expose injustice and you may not realize this, but God knew that you, the Martin family would handle theses losses according to his will.

Do Black People Eat At Wendy’s?


Ginger’s Thoughts – I’ve been checking out the new Wendy’s commercials with the new red-haired girl, and I do not recall seeing any Black Actors or Actresses in any of their commercials! I thought even less of this franchise after they created the “jury” commercial using all “white actors” during Trayvon Martin’s murder trial!I don’t have to say boycott this one because those instant “High Blood Pressure” french fries is going to cause them to boycott themselves once they deliver an immediate heart attack in a bag to one of their unknowing customers.

She’s Your Quuueeennnn Toooooo Beeeeeeee, Your Queen Toooo Be Fooreeverrrrrr….


Meet Swaziland’s King Mswati III! Yep; that’s him in the picture. Take a moment and stare into the eyes of a perverted monster. Allow your mind to download a digital photocopy of him because if he ever comes to the South with his bull-shit, we are going to Hostel Two his ass….literally!

This 45 year old man has chosen an 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant as his 14th wife, days before a much-criticized parliamentary vote. In addition,
Mswati reportedly has a personal fortune of around $200 million (152 euros) and the UN estimates that 70 percent of his 1.2 million subjects live below the poverty line and has come under fire for his household’s lavish lifestyle while the tiny mountain kingdom’s 1.2 million people struggle to make a living.

Three wives have left this jerk in recent years. The latest, Queen LaGija, fled the palace in 2012 claiming years of physical and emotional abuse, (Good for her) another Queen, LaDube, was reportedly abused after she was caught in bed with the justice minister, a close friend of the king, (Damn, I guess there’s a Mr. Jody in all parts of the world) and Mswati, the Queen who this pedophile kidnapped and married when she was only 16 years old in 2005. (You better be glad Liam John Neeson wasn’t around….”but what I have is a set of skills…”)

Ginger’s Thoughts – So in other words, this filthy, rhinoceros, peasant in my Simeon’s Coming to America voice, is living life like Rick Ross in a rap video on St. Charles Street, while his people are living like the homeless on the streets and in the shelters behind St. Charles Street. Disgusting!

Bill Collectors Worst Nightmare….

So I have had my share of using internet payday loans, and although the money was great around Christmas time, the harassment that followed was like Michael Myers on Halloween night. mm

Whenever you apply for loans over the internet and the company is not a direct lender, your information is sent out to a whole bunch of unknown people; and as a result, all sorts of strange numbers will begin to call every contact number that you provided. They will call in regards to offering you a opportunity to further your education. They will call and threaten you about a lawsuit they filed pertaining to a debt that you never paid. They will call and either say that you owe the IRS money, or if you call a certain number back, you will be able to obtain money that the IRS owes you. Some will call and the bill that they speak of may be yours; however, the bill may be dormant so it’s important to be aware of your credit report because if you send this company $5.00 toward that dormant bill; you my friend, have actually resurrected it!

Many of these callers are scam artists and they will stop at nothing to try to take every penny that you own.

Luckily for us, there are some geniuses who have created websites that allow you to research the numbers that call you. You simply type in the number shown and background information attached to the number’s call history pops up. I was surprised to see the many people who mimicked my situation! I have provided some of the sites that I use below.

Ginger’s Thoughts – Knowledge is always power! Now when they call me, I tell them to “Find Something Else To Do With Their Damn Time!”