Paula Deen knew that Texas would lovingly accept her; I wonder why….


Paula Deen has officially came out of plantation hiding and recently appeared with her sons in Houston, Texas at the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show.
The disgraced celebrity chef dramatically shed tears when she reflected on what she called “a rough patch” that she had experienced this summer. Calling Black people niggas is a rough patch to her….

“I’ve said all along that the one place that I would want to make my first step back out was Texas,” she told the approximately 1,400 people in the audience. “Y’all’s hearts are as big as your state.” I wonder why Paula….

Paula received a standing ovation and she talked about plans of her comeback….”Blink…Blink…Blink…”

Ginger’s Thoughts – Paula, enough with the soap opera performances! You’re white! If a Black woman who would have committed the same act as you, her name would be forever tarnished and her career would truly be over. You will never be broke and this world has plenty of wanna-be slave masters and house niggas that will support you until you reach that antebellum heaven you dream about every night. NEXT…….


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