Bill Collectors Worst Nightmare….

So I have had my share of using internet payday loans, and although the money was great around Christmas time, the harassment that followed was like Michael Myers on Halloween night. mm

Whenever you apply for loans over the internet and the company is not a direct lender, your information is sent out to a whole bunch of unknown people; and as a result, all sorts of strange numbers will begin to call every contact number that you provided. They will call in regards to offering you a opportunity to further your education. They will call and threaten you about a lawsuit they filed pertaining to a debt that you never paid. They will call and either say that you owe the IRS money, or if you call a certain number back, you will be able to obtain money that the IRS owes you. Some will call and the bill that they speak of may be yours; however, the bill may be dormant so it’s important to be aware of your credit report because if you send this company $5.00 toward that dormant bill; you my friend, have actually resurrected it!

Many of these callers are scam artists and they will stop at nothing to try to take every penny that you own.

Luckily for us, there are some geniuses who have created websites that allow you to research the numbers that call you. You simply type in the number shown and background information attached to the number’s call history pops up. I was surprised to see the many people who mimicked my situation! I have provided some of the sites that I use below.

Ginger’s Thoughts – Knowledge is always power! Now when they call me, I tell them to “Find Something Else To Do With Their Damn Time!”


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