Do Black People Eat At Wendy’s?


Ginger’s Thoughts – I’ve been checking out the new Wendy’s commercials with the new red-haired girl, and I do not recall seeing any Black Actors or Actresses in any of their commercials! I thought even less of this franchise after they created the “jury” commercial using all “white actors” during Trayvon Martin’s murder trial!I don’t have to say boycott this one because those instant “High Blood Pressure” french fries is going to cause them to boycott themselves once they deliver an immediate heart attack in a bag to one of their unknowing customers.


2 thoughts on “Do Black People Eat At Wendy’s?

    • Your mother is a whore, she’s gone now. Your father knows you and purposely ignores you. Yep; your a Maury case. Your a lonely loser and if I knew who you were, I would happily give you the attention you so patheticly crave for. So thank you for giving my site some of time. I look forward to writing about your ass soon….(in my Fred Sanford voice) “You Big Dummy!”

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