The Five Lessons Arsenio Hall’s Return to Late-Night Television Taught Me.


Arsenio Hall, the true King of Late-Night television has returned and I am praying that he climbs his way back to the top and kick that white ass off his throne! Mr. Hall is known for creating memorial interviews that will never be forgotten. Former President, Bill Clinton serenaded us with his saxophone on Mr. Hall’s stage. Ervin “Magic” Johnson introduced us all to the reality of HIV/AIDs and gave those infected hope that this virus was not an immediate death sentence. Popular Latino comic, George Lopez was introduced on this show and honestly owes the beginning of his career to Arsenio Hall.

Along with great guest, Mr. Hall provided a unique platform with a positive energy that made you want to watch show his show in its entirety. I never remember a boring show even when he had guests that I personally was not to fond of. That takes talent!

I will never forget the night when Arsenio Hall addressed his audience, the “Dog Pound”, and all of us viewers watching, stating that his network did not approve of Louis Farrakhan, the Leader of the Nation of Islam, to be interviewed on his show, and if he proceeded, his show would be canceled. Unfortunately, Mr. Hall did not believe that threat and had Louis Farrakhan on the show, and that decision resulted in to immediate cancellation.

I do not recall the nation fighting for him; however, a bunch of white folks were recruited in an attempt to fulfill his position. Arsenio Hall seemed to disappear into thin air and I was pissed! Why didn’t he try to fight back? Where was all of the people he helped? Were they helping and supporting him? These were the questions I was asking myself.

I found him again on Donald’s Trump Celebrity Apprentice show and I was pleasantly surprised by his peaceful demeanor and wise thought process through-out the competition. Instead of being angry and behaving as an contestant who deserved to win he was humble; and in the end, he was declared the winner.

Arsenio Hall taught me:

1. It’s true, How we handle Setbacks, effects our Comebacks!

2. Haters expect a Bitter demeanor, surprise them with a demeanor of Peace instead!

3. Be open to new opportunities, because you never know who is the key to your next level!

4. Draw knowledge everywhere you can, because when you meet opportunity you want to be prepared!

5. Don’t give-up! These words are so simple but the meaning of them are powerful. Life can beat the hell out of you and leave you for dead, but there is an Angel of Mercy for everybody. The hardest part is believing!

I’ve included a link if you would like to read more about this awesome man.

Ginger’s Thoughts – Yep, I stole one of my category titles from this man…”Things that make you say hm………………!”


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