No Room For Pettiness


Blessed Father God, my love, my joy, my heart, my wellspring of everything good and tasty, I’ve come to realize something about you God, that I just love . .
There’s no room for pettiness in the divine plan.
I love that you keep it real with me God, and when I get petty, you let me know.
There’s no room for pettiness in a God-sized vision, the vision you planted in my heart before I was conceived.
There’s no room for pettiness in right relationships, the kind of relationships that stand on unconditional love and don’t abide foolishness.
There’s no room for pettiness in service to your people God, nor engaging in nit-picking nor wanting people to do anything other than what they’re doing.
I know now that small people focus on small things with small eyes.
There’s no room for pettiness anywhere in anything that’s God-ordained.
There is nothing about me that is petty. I was not created by a petty God. There’s no room for it anywhere in my consciousness.
Therefore I pronounce it, and all its pesky little relatives, including nit-picking, sweating the small stuff, back-biting, nail-biting, and noticing what’s wrong rather than what’s right, null and void, disintegrated and obliterated, never to return.
I’m grateful to be released from pettiness! That feels good!
In its place, Father, I choose to believe You when You whisper in my ear that I am created for greatness. I call up greatness and stand on greatness!
Thank You, God, for delivering me from pettiness and standing me in greatness!

I am free!

Rev. Valerie Love

Iyanla Vanzant, is a woman who has an impressive resume both educational and street, and she also has a show on Oprah’s OWN Network entitled, “Fix My Life!”
Ms. Vanzant is also a Minister! This message came from the heart of her Ministry and if you would like more information or would like to sign-up for her daily e-mails; I have provided the link for you to. Iyanla Vanzant’s Website

Ginger’s Thoughts – I once considered gossip to be a juicy and delicious dessert. As a sweet potato pie is a finale to a Louisiana pot of Gumbo, to hear or read about the fall of a celebrity or individual person that I do not particularly care for seemed to give me that same sort of delectable, sweet tooth, satisfaction as that pie, and I begun to crave more and more of it like a Minister addicted to porn, or a “fresh out of rehab” drug addict. A demand for any supply that can negatively kill you be it a physical, mental, or spiritual death, is always a click, a number, or a corner away. There is a place in all of us that need serious attention and work and this is the beginning of mines.


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