This image. The silent commuication held between this mother and daughter. There are a lot of images that I haven’t been able to erase from my memory, and now; this one has been added to my mental vault as well.

There are some hateful people in this world, and what seems to make us different is that we would not have seen the color in this incident.  We would have saw a Father murdered in front of his partner and their children who followed the law.  No human deserves to die this way.

No child should hear or see bullets being pumped in to their Daddy inside of a car. The shooting was in close proximity. What if a bullet hit one of those babies?

No child should have to warn their mother about police, because they’re afraid that the police will start pumping hot lead in to their mother.

No child should be in a police car with their mother.

To the officer that was set free. I want you to know that you will never be free. God allowed for that mother and those two children to survive for a reason. officer, you meant it for evil, but God will make it for their good.”

You will not sleep. You will never be happy again all the days of your life. You will begin to take medications to sleep at night. You will become addicted trying to stop this incident from replaying in your mind; but it will never stop. May it play for enternity.  You will always remember the faces of these children; and their mother.

If God gave me this gift and it’s real; each person on that jury that found the officer innocent and disrespected the life of Philando Castile; you will be in court quite often. Not as jurors, but as parents, partners, and children. You will be on the opposite side.

Ginger’s Thoughts – Too much! Just cover them Lord.



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