I read this article from Mr. Jackie, the HSK.

Jawara McIntosh is the son of later reggae singer Peter Tosh. Peter Tosh was a human rights activist and an original founding member of The Wailers, alongside Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer. Tosh wrote and performed the iconic song, “Legalize It;” which became the soundtrack of the movement toward legalization. Furthermore, Tosh and Bob Marley co-authored the world-renowned freedom fighters anthem, “Get Up, Stand Up.”

Jawara was beaten into a coma while being held in the Bergen County Jail on a six-month sentence for a 2013 charge where he pleaded guilty for having more than 65 pounds of marijuana on him. He entered the jail in January 2017. One month later, his mom received a call saying he needed a life-saving procedure after being attacked in jail.

Jawara McIntosh is now at a Boston hospital where he’s suffering from brain damage, unresponsive, and comatose.

Jawara’s Mother Statement, “The way in which he was beaten appears to be a form of cruel and unusual punishment that he suffered while he was incarcerated. We want more information and physical evidence,”

This family questions remain unanswered and that’s where we come in atcsm_jawara-mcintosh-beatenintocoma_313af96debOK!

Ginger’ Thoughts – This was a hit! Where were the guards? Every one of yall with your street corner stores making millions after so many of ours were given ridiculous years need to sign this petition and make a donation to his mother as well.  A father fights for the rights of all humans, and his son gets beaten to death in a cage.



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