I am so addicted to twitter! They are the first to know everything; and speaking of first, I am pleased to write about my State of Louisiana being the First State to Ban Criminal History Questions from College Applications. This is huge!

The legislation was signed into law on Friday, June 15, by Gov. John Edwards. Proponents of the law say such questions often discouraged applicants with troubled backgrounds from pursuing higher education.  Annie Freitas, program director with the Louisiana Prison Education Coalition, told Fox News 8 (I’m not adding a link for them, so feel free to https://www.google.com them), “What research shows is that two out of three people with convictions that want to go to college when they start the application and they see the question, they stop.”

I know what you’re thinking!  Those thoughts ran across my mind as well, but this Bill was well written because it allows the law to make exceptions so that colleges can inquire about aggravated sexual assault or stalking convictions, though there is an appeals process if an applicant is denied based on the exception in New Orleans. The law also does not prevent a college from asking about a student’s criminal history after he or she has been admitted in regards to financial aid or campus housing.

I have witnessed how our Criminal Justice system works; and does not work, for certain people. I have seen two young men, both the same age, arrested for drugs. One of these young men had marijuana. The other young man was busted with a meth lab in his home and children were present. The young man with the marijuana served jail time. The other young man with the meth lab was sent to a rehabilitation center. One young man now had a record, and the other young man went to rehab and his record was expunged.

I almost forgot to tell yall; one was BLACK and trying to help his mother because he couldn’t find jobs in the rural area they lived in, and the other young man was white and bore a surname that connected to power and wealth and could have easily found employment instead of playing with meth.

My point; that BLACK young man will no longer be the two out of three to stop filling out his college applications.

I want to thank our Gov. John Edwards for signing House Bill 688 into law and making Louisiana the first state in the nation to ban criminal-history questions on college applications.  I want to thank Marcus Howard for reporting this article, and the Atlanta Black Star for always representing the news that concern us. I mention Fox News 8 tv station because I read somewhere in the article. And of course I have to thank and mention twitter because you rock!  This picture came from twitter as well!

LA News

Ginger’s Thoughts – We all have a past! We all have done things that we are not proud of but we can’t stay in that place of shame, guilt, and condemnation. We have to push through. A drug dealer is the smartest sales man I have ever met, but what he sells to his people is wrong.  A doorway has been open. Use it. Use those same skills to develop, earn degrees, and become the man/woman that God intended for you to be. #No #More #Excuses!


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