Women have it hard! I mean, for us; the quote, “Beauty is Pain,” is literal!  A man can get a date with a $25.00 haircut, wearing a white V-neck T-shirt and jeans; but not us…..No,No,No, No…NO! We have to have our hair tight, our nails tight, our girdle tight, underneath our tight clothes, with our feet tight, in our tight shoes, wearing a tight smile! If we want to get a date; we have to be on our A game, and gentlemen let me tell you; it get’s exhausting sometimes!

I read the comment Kodak Black shared and I understand why he wasn’t handled in New Orleans because the real soldiers are locked up on trump chargers (did y’all catch that)!

Back to this boy, I could have respected his opinion if in fact he had one, but he didn’t.  I’m not going to put his Willie Lynch comments on my post, but you can feel free to read it for yourself on TheGrio.com. Thank you WikipediA for providing this image of this stage boy.

Ginger’s Thoughts – How you make your money with the mike is cool, but what you do with the mike when the beat ain’t dropping is something else! You have a responsibility Mr. Octave. You have a responsibility to love yourself first, because people with your skin color were tortured so that you could one day have a “stage” name. You have a responsibility Mr. Octave to not tear down our sisterhood! We’ve come to far with our shapes, our sizes, our hair, our skin tones, and our generational insecurities for you to make us go back to not genuinely loving one another again. God gave you a mike and you’re trying to keep us scattered, SO; may God take that mike away from you until you learn how to SPEAK! And please, remove the Black from your name because you’re not worthy enough to carry it.



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