I found this article published on June 27, 2017 by Saraschaefer. In Adams CO., Indiana, 23 year old Andrew Taylor, son of Berne’s police chief Tim Taylor, was given three years of home detention and five years of probation after pleading guilty to molesting the family’s 13 years old foster child.

23 years old Andrew Taylor asked his 13 years old foster sister to perform oral sex on him, and he says that she agreed. I don’t know if that’s true because she was not in court; and in addition, she; nor legal counsel, was present during this trial.


Ginger’s Thoughts – I’m BLACK! Unfortunately I’ve become accustomed to hearing unjust verdicts, especially when the police department is involved. It boggles me to read that same type of injustice delivered to a 13 years old tween. This police chief, Tim Taylor, did not uphold the “protect and serve” quote within his own home! His family took in a girl that was already in the foster care system. This means that she didn’t have parents. This means that she didn’t have a home of her own. God only knows what this child has already been through, and in a house that should have been the safest one in Adams, CO., Indiana, she was being used as a personal blowup doll for the police chief’s son; pedophile, Andrew Taylor.

I pray that the family that has taken this child in be the family that God has ordained to erase all the hurtful memories of her past. May her life be beautiful from this day forward!

To the Taylor family. Y’all messed up big time! Enjoy this last laugh because….


We, she; are the biblical quote; “when my mother and father forsake me, then the Lord will take me up!” We are literally God’s children; and our lives are supernatural! When you Bless us, God allows your life to be Blessed, and when you curse us, God turns his head when hell is opened in and on your household. She and I will read about it. #FACT




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