I haven’t written a post in such a long time. When I logged in to my blog, I felt the need to delete all of my past writings and start all over again.

Life experience has taught me that if you have any people, places, or things from your past that are stopping you from moving forward in a positive way; you need to delete them! Starting over is hard. It’s awkward; and it is scary, but that’s the cool thing about God; if you hang in there, it will eventually work out for your good.

With that being said; My first post is dedicated to my son, Wy-Yon D’Angel Pleasant.

Two street kids met; and fell in love. They were both fatherless and raised by mothers with mental conditions.  They felt rejected and unloved at times; and so, the people in the their hoods became their family.

Poverty became a sickening factor for the young lovers so street employment became their professions. The “Come Up” for them was short and sweet however; because he began using the drugs he once sold, and she; she knew God enough to feel convicted every time she  saw, and did things unpleasing in the eyesight of the Lord.  She saw sons selling crack to their mothers because they were addicts as well. She saw mothers leaving their babies with demonic guardians because they had to get relief from being “dope sick.”  She saw everyday houses that looked abandoned, but hidden families were leaving in them trying to provide shelter for their children.  She saw the behavior of dirty police and the corruption that followed. She saw Doctors that worked in hospitals buy crack from black, teenage, boys. She saw too much, and she did too much; and daily she felt like her soul was leaving her body.

He tried to straighten up too! He would clean his system of heroin poisoning and apply for employment. No one would hire him. Fast food establishments didn’t even call him back. He had been arrested for drugs, but we saw pedophiles being hired before him. Hopelessness and despair would cause him to stick that needle back in his arms. The need to survive caused him to become an employer of the streets again.

She walked the streets one night preparing to hustle, and God supernaturally visited her. She told God that night; I will change, but you have to help me.  Five months later, she became pregnant.

Two street kids had a baby. She knew nothing about being a mother, but she knew God gave this son to her. She named him Wy-Yon D’Angel Pleasant, because he was an Angel sent by God to save her life.

That son graduated High School on May 19, 2017. He’s never did drugs and he has never been arrested.

Me and My Angel

She; is me.  Unfortunately, He is incarcerated and his release date is scheduled for the year of 2056. He’s been in since 2003. And no, he didn’t murder anyone. Corruption has him behind bars.

My son knows our story and he seems to love me more because of it. He plans to study Criminal Justice and become a Lawyer. I know he will because God has chosen him to Break Some Chains!

It was so hard for me back then because my pain was unheard. I wanted to cry when I first read Michelle Alexander’s book, “The New Jim Crow,” because it was our story. Our pain was being heard in a powerful, impactful, manner.  I felt buried angry when I read facts articulated brilliantly by Michael Harriot.  I felt invigorated when John Legend used his voice to speak for the voiceless.  I have literally held my fist up when I read about the attention that JAY-Z is bringing about Mass Incarceration issues; his recent letter was poetic.

I am from New Orleans, Louisiana and I have to thank our Governor John Bel Edwards for beginning the process of Prison Reform.  You can read about about the recent update in the article written by Rebekah Allen!  I also have to thank the man that represents #BlackMagic for Louisiana, United States Representative, Cedric Richmond. This soldier never remains quiet on topics that involve our state of condition.

Ginger’s Thoughts – I have not reached my place of destination; but when I look back over my life and see where I am today; I cry because, I look cute on the outside but my insides are bloody and torn. I had to BREAK MANY CHAINS so that my children could grow up free of bondage and I will share more in depth in my future posts.


I love you Wy-Yon and I’m so BLESSED to have you baby. You saved my life:)

The Root, Atlanta Black Star Roland Martin, and News One; are all informative websites to check out daily.