VH1, A&E, Bravo, O’ Mind…

Monday nights feed my television addiction!  I currently have no life, so I’m actually getting my emotional fix from Love and Hip Hop ATL, and Longmire, and this new Newlywed show. Yes It’s pretty pathetic but, (In my Chris Brown voice) “Please don’t judge me!”

Anyway, Love and Hip Hop aggravated me and I just could not continue to watch it. I never thought a married woman would be treated like a single woman telling the man that she loves that she is pregnant with his baby!  I’m not married, so is this how a husband act?  

These women on this show are beautiful with perfect figures and yet their brains is the only part of them that is broken! 

 “If they only had a brain!….”  

Are these people real?  I think they should bring this show to New Orleans. I would love to be on it, but I would not last more than a couple of episodes. I think the show would become Criminal Minds because the things that I would do to so many of the cast members…..

Longmire!  Well, I am new to this show and I love it; however, I don’t know what he was trying to prove tonight!  He could have froze to death.  I am in love (lust), love (lust), love (lust), with the cop running for sheriff!  The man is like perfect on the outside, but he is not half the man that Longmire is.  Longmire is honest, caring, and will fight to the death to protect the innocent; we need him in New Orleans, but Branch (the cop who I am in lust with) his intentions are not pure.  

“If he only had a heart!…”  

This Newlywed show!  It’s not fair to only make the gay couple perfect.  I mean the others marriages; DIVORCE!!!  There is a wife that has to get authorization from her husband prior to purchase; along with, an explanation for the amount.  There is a wife who is beyond bossy and I cannot predict how long her husband will be able to tolerate her.  The crazy part is that she wants a baby like yesterday.  Poor baby:( 

There is a wife who married an inconsiderate jerk, and I feel sorry for her, because the day of the season finale she will look at her self in the mirror, and no longer realize who is starring back at her. She needs to kick him to curb before it’s too late!

“If she only had courage…!”

Now I can go to sleep peacefully knowing that there is a Longmire, and also smiling because I am not as screwed up as some people I share the world with.  Thank you reality television!