From One Daughter to Another Maia Campbell

In recent weeks, we have seen videos of the beautiful actress Maia Campbell resurface. Her behavior on these videos is a visual of a chemically imbalanced brain, and the aftermath it causes because of self medication. As I watched this video, I cried. I cried because I remember watching this Nubian Barbie doll on a show called, “In The House,”in the house

and thinking how lucky could she be to work with L.L. Cool J, and have author BeBe Moore as her mother.bebe moore

I wanted to be you; the majority of Teenage Black Girls at that time, wanted to be you. Maia Campbell, you represented us.  Black Girls Rock, and our Magic is being showcased like never before. You should be a part of that magic.

As it’s often quoted on the television show, Intervention by phenomenal Addiction Specialist; I ask that you, “Accept the gift that is being offered to you.”

L.L. is reaching out to you because He has not forgotten about you. God hasnot forgotten about you. There are many forgotten people on those streets you playing in. Get help so that you can come back to the streets and help them.

Ginger’s ThoughtsMaia, I’m not a celebrity, but I am a daughter of a mentally ill mother. I grew up never knowing who my mother was going to be. Some days she was Clara Huxtable, and other days; she was Mama Dearest.  Her illness, and not receiving the help she needed; resulted in to me growing up too early.  It’s never, ever, good, for a child to grow up too early.  I have issues that I have to work on everyday; and in spite of all of the negative things that I can type about my mother, at the end of the day, she’s still my mother and I love her. I love her, and I will beat the hell out of any person that talks about her. Maia, your daughter will do the same because she loves you; but STOP giving her negative things to fight over you about. Stop making her embarrassed, shameful, and unloved, every time she hears or sees your name. Heal yourself so that you can heal her. I am praying for you’re healing, and I am praying that God touches the people who are exploiting you in this season of your life. They have troubled your family; May God trouble them. Soon:)

Thank you L.L. Cool J. for reaching out and trying to help this mother. I’m not going to post those videos on my site. If you want to check them out for educational purposes I’ll provide the link to