Randall Kerrick – Another Zimmerman’s Recruit…


A North Carolina police officer was charged with voluntary manslaughter on Saturday after police say he fatally shot an unarmed man who had apparently just survived a car crash in Charlotte and was looking for help.

The victim, Jonathan Ferrell, a 24-year-old former Florida A&M University football player, was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene early Saturday morning.

The 27-year-old officer, Randall Kerrick, turned himself in to police late Saturday. He was released on a $50,000 bond.

“The shooting of Mr. Ferrell was excessive,” the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said in a statement. “Our investigation has shown that Officer Kerrick did not have a lawful right to discharge his weapon during this encounter.”

According to police, Ferrell crashed his vehicle into the woods, climbed out of his car and walked a half-mile to the nearest house. He began “banging on the door viciously,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Chief Rodney Monroe said.

“It was quite possible he was seeking assistance based on his accident,” Monroe said.

But the woman who answered the door thought Ferrell was a burglar and called police shortly after 2:30 a.m. to report an attempted break-in.

Kerrick and two other responding officers surrounded Ferrell, who “immediately charged” at the police, Monroe said. One officer tried unsuccessfully to subdue Ferrell with a taser. Kerrick then fired his weapon “several times.”

“He immediately charged toward the three officers, one in particular,” Monroe said. “That officer in particular fired his weapon several times, striking the individual multiple times.”

“It’s with heavy hearts and significant regrets it’s come to this,” Monroe added. “Our hearts go out to the Ferrell family and many members of the CMPD family.

According to the Charlotte Observer, police said initially that Kerrick’s actions were “appropriate and lawful.” But a subsequent investigation found the officer, who joined the Police Department in 2011, had “violated the law regarding voluntary manslaughter.” Under North Carolina law, voluntary manslaughter is defined as killing without malice using “excessive force” in exercising “imperfect self-defense,” the paper said.

Monroe said there was no evidence Ferrell threatened the woman. Alcohol did not appear a factor in the crash, he added.

The two other officers involved in the incident were placed on paid administrative leave.

Ginger’s Thoughts – I have re-read this article three times and I am having a problem establishing the thought process of the North Carolina police department. It seems as though Chief Monroe is inferring that his officers used excessive force on this young Black college athlete; however, the penalties that these officers are receiving state other wise. $50.000 bond? The neighborhood dope dealers get bigger bonds than that! Paid administrative leave? Who gets paid vacations for murder? Of course, the Zimmerman clan. To the Ferrell family; I’m sorry for your loss. God has a way of using all of us to expose injustice and you may not realize this, but God knew that you, the Martin family would handle theses losses according to his will.

Do Black People Eat At Wendy’s?


Ginger’s Thoughts – I’ve been checking out the new Wendy’s commercials with the new red-haired girl, and I do not recall seeing any Black Actors or Actresses in any of their commercials! I thought even less of this franchise after they created the “jury” commercial using all “white actors” during Trayvon Martin’s murder trial!I don’t have to say boycott this one because those instant “High Blood Pressure” french fries is going to cause them to boycott themselves once they deliver an immediate heart attack in a bag to one of their unknowing customers.

I Should Not Have Watched MTV Videos this Morning!!

School is back in effect, and I have a certain routine that I follow Monday through Friday prior to going to work.

4:30 am – Wake up
4:35 am – Smoke a Cigarette
4:40 am – Brush my teeth
4:45 am – Get in the kitchen and prepare breakfast for my son and daughter
5:05 am – Awake my son
5:10 am – Awake my son again
5:15 am – Place food, juice, Zyrtec, on table for son
5:20 am – Pack up remaining food for daughter; along with lunch and snacks for both of them and her toys.
5:23 am – Put television on OWN channel and watch Dr. Phil
5:25 am – Threaten son regarding consequences of him not getting out of his bed.
5:30 am – Awake daughter
5:45 am – Dress daughter, decorate daughter, calm daughter
5:50 am – Checklist for nothing missing or forgotten
6:00 am – Wave See you later and scream I love you(s) to children
6:05 am – Sit on the sofa and stare
6:10 am – Turn the televisions on TBS and watch, “My Name Is Earl!”
6:15 am – Start getting dressed for work.
7:10 am Checklist for nothing missing or forgotten
7:13 am – Go time!!!

My routine pretty much remained the same; however, my television was on MTV and apparently music videos are shown at 6:00 am. I listen to all kinds of music so listening to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Bruno Mars was OK and the words of Kanye West’s new song was pretty deep; however, the video creeped me out a bit but I was still OK until I was introduced to this song by Macklemore X Ryan Lewis ft Mary Lambert.

I believe the name of this song is called “Same Love.” This song basically uses adjectives and synonyms pertaining to the plight of being gay; however, I found his comparison of gay and racial struggle to be an analogy, and that pissed me off!

ArsenioHall say hmmmm

I heard these lyrics:

“It’s the same hate that has caused wars from religion. Gender, to skin color, the complexion of your pigment. The same fight that led to walk-outs and sit-ins. It’s human rights for everybody there is no difference.”

So I’m questioning the hate that he is describing because many religious wars began when a follower believed that their God was being disrespected. Many of those leaders were in fact gay, but they promoted their issue and not their sexuality.

I can’t believe that the word gender begins the next sentence! Skin color is next and then the mention of protest actions follows. Obviously this singer is not Black.

Is this protest of gays or Blacks because the only gay people who can could relate to being denied human rights are Black and Jews, and even Mr. Bayard Rustin who was a Civil Rights Activist, a Quaker, and a gay advocate understood that before he nationally fought for his gay rights in 1970, his first knock-out and win had to be for the Civil Rights of his people!

Ginger’s Thoughts – Speaking of rights, do I have any? I mean do I get any endorsement deals or media attention for wanting to sleep with men? Can I change the race on my birth certificate like trans who are allowed to change the gender on their birth certificate after surgery?
There is a major difference between love and rape and I hope that gay people realize this soon and find other outlets of expressing themselves by leaving the struggle of my ancestors out of their songs; as well as, their thousands of irrelevant debates that demand attention from all sources of the rainbow.

The Comment We have Been Waiting for From Chef Bourdain & it’s not What We Think

Deen and Bourdain

Fans and persons who know anything about Chef and T.V. personality Anthony Bourdain knows that this man speaks whatever he feels. His vocabulary is far from timid and he is made several comments pertaining to Paula Deen….well Dora Charles (the real reason behind her success) cooking style numerous of times prior to her “nigga” and “sambo” statements, so the world and I were pretty surprised how he duct taped his mouth shut during this scandal.

Speaking to an Orlando Sentinel reporter, Bourdain had a solemn response when asked for his reaction.

“It’s gives me no pleasure at all,” Bourdain told the paper. “It ain’t pretty, either the charges or the reaction. I may have been an adversary or a critic of Miss Deen. It gives me no pleasure to see her torn apart by the people who were kissing her ass a week before.”

I find pity for her in this comment, unlike the one he gave in a 2011 TV Guide interview when he called her , “the worst, most dangerous person to America,” who “revels in her unholy connections with evil corporations” and is “proud of the fact that her food is fucking bad for you!”

There’s more……

When Deen stated that she had Type 2 diabetes on the Today’s show, as well as a deal with diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk; Bourdain tweeted, “Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later.” OUCH!!!

In the wake of her admission this summer that she had used racial slurs, Deen was dropped by a dozen companies, including the Food Network and her publisher. She and her brother are being sued by a former restaurant employee who alleged that the work environment was rife with discrimination and sexual harassment. The judge in the case has since thrown out the racial discrimination claims.

Ginger’s Thoughts – And the judge throw this case out….Wow. I’m not even angry because Paula is doing a hell of a job throwing her career out as well!

Introducing Mrs. Dora Charles

Dora Charles

Please take a moment to stare at the Black lady shown in the above picture. Do you see her standing in front of her mobile home? There is something seriously wrong with this picture. Can you guess what the problem is………..?

If you haven’t figured out the answer, allow me to formally introduce Mrs. Dora Charles, the key to Paula Deen’s cooking success. We all knew that this black woman existed; but unfortunately, we had no evidence to support our theory until now. The problem with the picture above is that Paula Deen is living in a gigantic mansion on massive land surrounded by ponds with additional cottages that she uses as a bed and breakfast, and the woman she made promises to and called her soul sister is living in a trailer!

Mrs. Charles has come forward and revealed more of Paula Deen’s slavery methodology. “Something is not right about this. We were soul sisters.” She stated, because that is what Paula Deen called her black cook from the start, even before the books and the television shows and the millions of dollars.

For 22 years, Mrs. Charles was the queen of the Deen kitchens. She helped open the Lady & Sons, the restaurant that made Paula Deeen’s career. She developed recipes, trained other cooks and made sure everything down to the collard greens tasted right.

“If it’s a Southern dish,” Paula Deen once said, “you better not put it out unless it passes this woman’s tongue.”

Mrs. Charles spent years making less than $10 an hour, even after Paula became a Food Network star. And there were tough moments. She said Paula used racial slurs. Once she wanted Mrs. Charles to ring a dinner bell in front of the restaurant, hollering for people to come and get it.

“I said, ‘I’m not ringing no bell,’ ” Mrs. Charles said. “That’s a symbol to me of what we used to do back in the day.”

For a black woman in Savannah with a ninth-grade education, though, it was good steady work. And Paula, she said, held out the promise that together, they might get rich one day.

Now Paula is reaping what she sowed as she is fighting empire-crushing accusations of racism, while Mrs. Charles is home nursing a bad shoulder caused by all of her hard years of service working for a wanna-be slave master, living in an aging trailer home on the outskirts of Savannah.

“It’s just time that everybody knows that Paula Deen don’t treat me the way they think she treat me,” she said. Good for you Mrs. Charles for speaking the truth.

Paula ran a restaurant in a Best Western hotel when Mrs. Charles, newly divorced and tired of fast-food kitchens, walked in and auditioned by cooking her version of Southern food. Paula saw dollar signs and hired her immediately. Their birthdays are a day apart, so they celebrated together. When Paula catered parties to survive until they could open the Lady & Sons, Mrs. Charles hustled right beside her.

“If I lost Dora, I would have been devastated,” Paula wrote in her 2007 memoir, “It Ain’t All About the Cooking.”

Early on, Mrs. Charles claims, Ms. Deen made her a deal: “Stick with me, Dora, and I promise you one day if I get rich you’ll get rich.”
Now, Mrs. Charles said, she wished she had gotten that in writing. “I didn’t think I had to ’cause we were real close back then,” she said.

That is where the two women’s stories diverge. Paula, through her publicity team, offered a statement denying all of Mrs. Charles’s accusations: “Fundamentally Dora’s complaint is not about race but about money. It is about an employee that despite over 20 years of generosity feels that she still deserves yet even more financial support from Paula Deen. ”

What is more, the document states, Paula “provided guidance and support through the many ups and downs of Mrs. Charles’s life.” GTFOHWTBS Paula!

Investigators for the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition have spoken to Mrs. Charles. Robert Patillo, a lawyer for the coalition, visited Savannah in June and July to interview Ms. Deen’s restaurant employees, including Mrs. Charles, who still works at the Lady & Sons. The 20 or so others Mr. Patillo spoke with were divided on the conditions for black and white workers. Some said there was bias against blacks, while others said the Lady & Sons was a terrific place to work. The Rainbow PUSH report said, “There was evidence of systemic racial discrimination and harassment at the operations.” But, it went on to say, “there is limited evidence of direct racism or racial discrimination” by Ms. Deen.

Mrs. Charles says she is not expecting any money from Ms. Deen, especially not now.

“I’m not trying to portray that she is a bad person,” she said. “I’m just trying to put my story out there that she didn’t treat me fairly and I was her soul sister.”

Mrs. Charles’s family and friends got jobs with Paula, including Ineata Jones, whom everyone called Jellyroll. She ended up as close to Paula as Mrs. Charles was. Paula used Ms. Jones for restaurant theater. At 11 a.m., when the doors opened at the Lady & Sons, she stood in front and rang an iron dinner bell, something she had asked Mrs. Charles to do as well. An image of Ms. Jones doing just that was turned into a postcard sold at Paula Deen stores.
Ms. Jones was also in charge of making hoecakes, the cornmeal pancakes served to every guest. Paula had designed a station so diners could watch them being made. At both jobs, Mrs. Charles and other employees said, Ms. Deen wanted Ms. Jones to dress in an old-style Aunt Jemima outfit.

In 2010, Lisa T. Jackson, a white manager working at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House, the restaurant Paula set up for her brother, Earl Hiers, known as Bubba, voiced claims of racism and sexual harassment in the Deen empire.

Her complaints form the basis of a federal lawsuit winding through the court system. Paula’s deposition, in which she admitted to using a racial slur, led to devastating losses in her fortunes as several marketing partners, including four casino restaurants, the Food Network, her book publisher, Walmart and the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, stopped working with her.

Ms. Jackson told Mrs. Charles that she was paid less than others who helped run the kitchen and who had not been there as long. Those people were white. Ms. Jackson introduced her to S. Wesley Woolf, the Savannah lawyer who would go on to file the suit.

Mr. Woolf helped Mrs. Charles and three other employees file complaints with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The agency will not make public the results of those complaints.

Around that time, Jamie Deen, the son who now runs the flagship restaurant, put Mrs. Charles on a salary of about $71,000 a year. Whether that decision was connected to the E.E.O.C. complaint remains in dispute. Mr. Deen says it was not. He gave her a bonus and the title of quality control manager. He even said the family would fix a rotting floor in her mobile home.
And, documents show, he reminded her to keep contributing to the company retirement plan, which Ms. Deen says she set up with Mrs. Charles in mind.

So Mrs. Charles went back to work, using the money to catch up on bills and help care for her four grandchildren. She did not press matters in court because, she said, she did not want the mess.

“I didn’t have nobody to stand behind me,” she said.

Lawyers on both sides of the suit are stockpiling statements.

Mrs. Charles realizes that her time with Paula Deen is over, and that she will soon leave her kitchen. But the relationship will always be there.

“I still have to be her friend if I’m God’s child,” she said. “I might feed her with a long-handled spoon, but, yeah, I’m still her friend.”

Ginger’s Thoughts – So a white woman had to help Mrs. Charles and three other employees after Jesse Jackson Push investigators left the matter unsolved. A civil right’s leader thought it was ok for Mrs. Charles to be under-paid and over-worked living in a trailer while the Deen family balled out of control. Now I understand why Jesse was kissing Paula’s ass. I lose respect for this man daily! Paula, eventually this situation will be behind you, and you will want it to remain behind you to never be brought up again. Now you know how we feel!

So Rat Killers are Served Justice, but Martin’s Killer is NOT-GUILTY?


In this Dec. 2012 photo provided by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) shows a weak and lethargic rat who was found in a tub among at least 200 other juvenile rats, many of whom were severely dehydrated and dying at a breeding center in Lake Elsinore, Calif., authorities said Monday, July 22, 2013. Riverside County authorities say two men have been charged with 106 counts of felony animal cruelty for the way they treated nearly 20,000 rats and reptiles found diseased, dying or dead. So two men are charged with felonies for mistreating rats and snakes, but Zimmerman is walking around saving people from a strategically placed truck accident. You people are worse than street hustlers!

Furthermore, LOS ANGELES (AP) — Rescue crews went into a warehouse last year to save nearly 20,000 rats and reptiles at a wholesale distributor of exotic snakes and rodents, encountering a sight so revolting that they needed crisis counselors to cope. Yet whites and house niggas are telling America to move on from the murder of an innocent young teen.

Many of the animal control workers came out gasping for air and sickened by the heinous sights and smells, including a mixture of death, disease, decay and ammonia from accumulated urine and feces in rat bins. Officials with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called it the largest-ever seizure of animals in California.

The owner and manager of the business have now been arrested and charged with more than 100 counts each of felony animal cruelty for the way they treated the rats and reptiles. Their company, Global Captive Breeders, raised rats and snakes that were sold at pet stores and swap meets.

The Riverside County district attorney filed the case Friday and a judge issued warrants for owner Mitchell Steven Behm, 54, and company manager David Delgado, also known as Jose Magana, 29. A message left for Behm’s attorney was not immediately returned, and a lawyer for Delgado could not be located.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals initiated the investigation after sending an undercover operative to work at the breeding facility in Lake Elsinore, 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Some of the animals were already dead by the time rescue workers got there. The ones still living were too sick to treat and too toxic to move, and had to be euthanized.

The toll the operation took on workers ranged from physical to emotional, said Capt. Cindy Machado, who headed up a team of workers from the Marin Humane Society in Novato and coordinated veterinarians who came from all over the country for the weeklong December operation.

People were throwing up because of the ammonia fumes and “there were times you had to run (Trayvon Martin had to run too!) outside just to catch a breath of fresh air,” she said. People emotionally broke down and had to be excused. Several people ended up with colds and sore throats. “I lost my voice,” she said.

“I had some idea what to expect but little could have prepared me for the overwhelming stench of death and decay you could smell from the outside of the facility. This sounds like me and my family talking as we rolled through New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina! On the inside it was overpowering,” said Daphna Nachminovitch, senior vice president of cruelty investigations for PETA.

There were 18,400 feeder rats and over 600 snakes, black tree monitors, tokay geckos and sulcata tortoises, Nachminovitch said.

Most of the rats were without food in overcrowded bins and because of a faulty water system, were either drowning or dying of thirst. “Some were literally eating each other alive,” she said. This sounds like an excerpt from the Amistad ship!

Mitch Behm got a conditional use permit for the business in 2009, said Justin Carlson, a spokesman for Lake Elsinore. The city received one anonymous complaint about the business before PETA stepped in, Carlson said. The company’s website listed corporate offices in Rancho Santa Margarita.

A whistleblower contacted PETA and the animal welfare agency sent an undercover investigator to get a job at the business. The investigator documented rats being grabbed by their tails and slammed against poles, stomped on, shot with a BB gun, frozen alive and drowned. The undercover worker was there for two months, and Nachminovitch said that period of time was needed to document enough photo and video evidence to obtain a search warrant. In addition, the neglect was so far advanced by the time the whistle-blower called that it would have been impossible to save the animals.

The 6,100-square-foot warehouse had separate entrances to the reptile and rat rooms, but the snakes didn’t fare any better than the rats, Nachminovitch said. Some of the boas and pythons were 15-feet long. The animals were euthanize in the warehouse and taken to a rendering plant, she said. Every rescue worker sets out to save animals, Machado said. But there is also satisfaction in giving an animal in pain a humane, peaceful passing, she said.

“I have been with PETA for 15 years and there was an unprecedented amount of active suffering while we were standing there. I am grateful we could end it,” Nachminovitch said.

This article was copied from Yahoo mail.

Ginger’s Thoughts – Love, compassion, and a need for justice to be served, is strongly felt when reading this article pertaining to the mistreatment of rats and reptiles. It boggles me how these same types of emotions were not shown for the mistreatment of Trayvon Martin. I am so proud of every celebrity who is Boycotting Florida; Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Young Jeezy, Rod Stewart, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Trey Songz, Rihanna, R Kelly, Alicia Keys, Usher, Mary Mary, Eddie Levert, Pattie Labelle, Mary J, Rolling Stones, Joe, Will I AM, Keyshia Cole, Erykah Badu, Wale, Frankie Beverly and Parliament.

Meagan Good…A Pastor’s Wife?

meagan-good-and-devon2013 BET Awards - Backstage Winner's Room

We all know Meagan Good, and for those who are not familiar with this beautiful, talented, actress, I have provided a link from Yahoo Movies for you, if you would like to read a brief bio on her. It’s impressive! Like most of us were when we young and happy, we did a lot of not so classy things; however, we are not famous so our skeletons can safely remain trapped in our closets. Unfortunately, some of Good’s skeletons got out. Social Media, especially Jacky Jasper the King of obtaining celebrity dirt, whose website is Diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com by the way, has posted statements on their blogs pertaining to her being a former escort. Posts read that her clientele included rappers, athletes, dope-boys, and if the money was right, other women. In addition, some have alleged that she likes to party and sniff cocaine, and there are a couple of pictures posted of her on the internet looking “white boy” wasted that could most likely support that statement.

My first time of ever hearing about Devon Franklin was on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday show. He was bright, handsome, and confident answering questions and sharing knowledge that he had acquired and placed in his book Produced by Faith. As Oprah listened for “Aha Moments,” I observed him and listened to some of his accomplished works. Franklin was in the entertainment business and was once an assistant to Will Smith. One of his biggest accomplishments; howver, is being a 7th Day Adventist Pastor.

With that being said, I was surprised to hear that Meagan Good was dating and then marrying Pastor Devon Franklin.

After watching pictures of the BET Awards show, I was honestly shocked to see how this Pastor’s wife was dressed. I was even more boggled that the Pastor allowed his wife to be viewed by an audience of this magnitude in such a revealing manner. The Franklins are an attractive couple and the need to get attention in this fashion caused somewhat of a stir. Comments were made on Social Media questioning Meagan’s outfit of choice.

Bossip.com has an exclusive on Meagan’s respond to those comments:

@adriannacolbert That’s the thing Girl- is that I don’t feel convicted about this at all .,my spirit is saddened that our people only know one way to think and process things.. I’m not any less holy because the dress I wore -I may not be who people think I should be -but I’m morphing into exactly who God wants me to be.. My excuse is never “I’m going to do me” and I don’t feel that I need to make an excuse or defend or what I wore .. I know I have a responsibility -and I’m working daily to fulfill the full potential of all God has created me to be.. A dialogue was started about my character, integrity, my walk with God and my Husband -simply based on a dress that I wore.., Of course I’m going to have a reaction to people saying negative things… It’s just sad.. Makes me sad not regretful.. My heart and spirit is always open to whatever my Father would want to share with me… And my spirit tells me to be exactly who I authentically am -because that’s what’s going to reach who I was authentically designed to touch.. people like me who are often misunderstood and told their cut of God’s promise -because they don’t look the role …when God doesn’t care about us “looking the role”..he is always cared about bringing us in -and us being whatever we need to be to bring Those left out in .. And it just makes me sad that us as Christians can’t see beyond our initial reaction and don’t seek God before the attack other brothers and sisters …and never think for one moment that: God knows what he’s doing and he uses everything for his glory .. and he has a plan for every specific situation.. I had intentions on anything .. Merely picked a dress I saw and loved … God knows my heart and that I didn’t do anything wrong .. And he will use even people’s thoughts to bring him glory – See more at: http://bossip.com/797822/sit-down-haters-meagan-good-claps-back-at-angry-black-church-folks-mad-at-her-bet-awards-boob-baring-blue-dress/2/#sthash.ARmO4S1F.dpuf

Ginger’s Thoughts Meagan, your actions may have came from a spirit, but it certainly was not the Holy Spirit. Your Husband should teach you that women of God represent true beauty and confidence. They thoroughly understand that they were meticulously made by God and so the need to act “thirsty” for anything is removed. Personally, that dress proved to me that you are not ready to let go of your past lifestyle, and at the end of the day, your husband, Pastor or not, is only a man….