Raising awareness by Dawn Ogle

Hi Dawn! Thank you for sharing. The world needs more awareness regarding #Bi-polar Disorder. My name is Wenny and my mom is bi-polar.

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

Crazy. Unstable. Mental case. Insane. Unbalanced. All of these words are used to describe one thing. One thing that people make fun of, that people use lightly to talk about someone, one thing that people are afraid to hear that they are. Bipolar. Manic depressive. Those words were uttered by my doctor when I was Twenty-two years old. Something I expected because of my behavior, something I was hoping to not be true.
My hearing went away. The doctor was speaking, but I heard nothing. Bipolar. I am bipolar. The first part to recovery is admitting it right? The doctor was still speaking, and I was deaf to it all. This couldn’t be could it? I knew in my heart that it was true though.
When I turned fourteen years old, my mood changed. One minute I was over stimulated and thought I could do anything. I wanted to shop…

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Gracious words by Gary Bertnick 

#Thoughtful #Precious #Heartfelt #Testimony

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

Long ago gracious words were spokenThrough a friend’s honesty

And through the sublime work of the Lord;

Things were said

Simple questions were asked

And suddenly a numbing cloud of despair lifted,

Never to return.

The beauty of a new quiet was within

A soft blanket of comforting, soothing peace settled inside,

With little understanding, I stood amazed

In freedom far from my own grasp.

Something good entered my heart and soul

I stood that night in mysterious calm at last;

After battling internal conflicts for years,

Struggles that ebbed and flowed in relationships and circumstances

Pulled and tore me finally into weakened shreds;

It all disappeared

As the Name above every name was revealed

To believe in Him, and then receive faith!

A door to answered prayers opened

And after some months, I took hold fully of the Absolute,

Messiah’s Truth tasted, and seen and heard

Soon to flood…

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