Hi! Thank you for taking time to read get to know me as a person.

God has literally been my mother and my father. I met my DNA at the age of fourteen years old. It took fourteen years for me to learn why I look the way that I do. A relationship was not developed at that meeting either.

My mother is mentally ill. Our roles are pretty much reversed; and so I had to grow up really fast.

I became a mother at the age of eighteen. My son’s father was a street soldier and eventually ended up in the “three strikes” category for drugs.  His release will be in 2056. He has been incarcerated since 2004.  My son met his father at the age of 18 years old.

I have a daughter as well and her father seem’s to be having a mid-life crisis.

My job allows me to help youths with issues that were once mines and that’s awesome! What’s not awesome is the pay, and being overlooked for not wanting to “play the game.” I can’t!

If you read the things I listed; you can assume that my life has been pretty difficult. Well… you’ve assumed correctly. I have been through hell!

But I’m still here.

I’m here, and I’m in my right mind: and I’m hopeful: and before I go to sleep, and as soon as I awake; I just Thank God. I’m here because God had a purpose for my life. God has purposes for my children lives as well.

You; reading this, God has a purpose for you.

Be Blessed,

The GingerGirl