Realities Of Being Single After A Long Relationship

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Being single again after a long relationship—like a five-plus year relationship in which you lived with the person, spoke about getting married, spent holidays with one another’s families, had a secret language, shared HBO and Netflix accounts, and had each other’s keys and passwords to everything—is earth-shattering. It can feel like someone pulled the rug out from beneath you. Hell, it can feel like someone pulled the ground out from beneath you, but actually it’s just the sky beneath you, because your whole world is upside down! Little by little, day by day, relationships have a way of taking hold of personalities, habits, and even subconscious. And, that’s okay! That’s what’s supposed to happen in a good, loving, committed relationship. But if that relationship doesn’t last, you’re left feeling quite disoriented. Here is what it’s really like being single again after a seriously long relationship.



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From One Daughter to Another Maia Campbell

In recent weeks, we have seen videos of the beautiful actress Maia Campbell resurface. Her behavior on these videos is a visual of a chemically imbalanced brain, and the aftermath it causes because of self medication. As I watched this video, I cried. I cried because I remember watching this Nubian Barbie doll on a show called, “In The House,”in the house

and thinking how lucky could she be to work with L.L. Cool J, and have author BeBe Moore as her mother.bebe moore

I wanted to be you; the majority of Teenage Black Girls at that time, wanted to be you. Maia Campbell, you represented us.  Black Girls Rock, and our Magic is being showcased like never before. You should be a part of that magic.

As it’s often quoted on the television show, Intervention by phenomenal Addiction Specialist; I ask that you, “Accept the gift that is being offered to you.”

L.L. is reaching out to you because He has not forgotten about you. God hasnot forgotten about you. There are many forgotten people on those streets you playing in. Get help so that you can come back to the streets and help them.

Ginger’s ThoughtsMaia, I’m not a celebrity, but I am a daughter of a mentally ill mother. I grew up never knowing who my mother was going to be. Some days she was Clara Huxtable, and other days; she was Mama Dearest.  Her illness, and not receiving the help she needed; resulted in to me growing up too early.  It’s never, ever, good, for a child to grow up too early.  I have issues that I have to work on everyday; and in spite of all of the negative things that I can type about my mother, at the end of the day, she’s still my mother and I love her. I love her, and I will beat the hell out of any person that talks about her. Maia, your daughter will do the same because she loves you; but STOP giving her negative things to fight over you about. Stop making her embarrassed, shameful, and unloved, every time she hears or sees your name. Heal yourself so that you can heal her. I am praying for you’re healing, and I am praying that God touches the people who are exploiting you in this season of your life. They have troubled your family; May God trouble them. Soon:)

Thank you L.L. Cool J. for reaching out and trying to help this mother. I’m not going to post those videos on my site. If you want to check them out for educational purposes I’ll provide the link to

Raising awareness by Dawn Ogle

Hi Dawn! Thank you for sharing. The world needs more awareness regarding #Bi-polar Disorder. My name is Wenny and my mom is bi-polar.

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

Crazy. Unstable. Mental case. Insane. Unbalanced. All of these words are used to describe one thing. One thing that people make fun of, that people use lightly to talk about someone, one thing that people are afraid to hear that they are. Bipolar. Manic depressive. Those words were uttered by my doctor when I was Twenty-two years old. Something I expected because of my behavior, something I was hoping to not be true.
My hearing went away. The doctor was speaking, but I heard nothing. Bipolar. I am bipolar. The first part to recovery is admitting it right? The doctor was still speaking, and I was deaf to it all. This couldn’t be could it? I knew in my heart that it was true though.
When I turned fourteen years old, my mood changed. One minute I was over stimulated and thought I could do anything. I wanted to shop…

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Gracious words by Gary Bertnick 

#Thoughtful #Precious #Heartfelt #Testimony

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

Long ago gracious words were spokenThrough a friend’s honesty

And through the sublime work of the Lord;

Things were said

Simple questions were asked

And suddenly a numbing cloud of despair lifted,

Never to return.

The beauty of a new quiet was within

A soft blanket of comforting, soothing peace settled inside,

With little understanding, I stood amazed

In freedom far from my own grasp.

Something good entered my heart and soul

I stood that night in mysterious calm at last;

After battling internal conflicts for years,

Struggles that ebbed and flowed in relationships and circumstances

Pulled and tore me finally into weakened shreds;

It all disappeared

As the Name above every name was revealed

To believe in Him, and then receive faith!

A door to answered prayers opened

And after some months, I took hold fully of the Absolute,

Messiah’s Truth tasted, and seen and heard

Soon to flood…

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Erase Her Memory

I found this article published on June 27, 2017 by Saraschaefer. In Adams CO., Indiana, 23 year old Andrew Taylor, son of Berne’s police chief Tim Taylor, was given three years of home detention and five years of probation after pleading guilty to molesting the family’s 13 years old foster child.

23 years old Andrew Taylor asked his 13 years old foster sister to perform oral sex on him, and he says that she agreed. I don’t know if that’s true because she was not in court; and in addition, she; nor legal counsel, was present during this trial.


Ginger’s Thoughts – I’m BLACK! Unfortunately I’ve become accustomed to hearing unjust verdicts, especially when the police department is involved. It boggles me to read that same type of injustice delivered to a 13 years old tween. This police chief, Tim Taylor, did not uphold the “protect and serve” quote within his own home! His family took in a girl that was already in the foster care system. This means that she didn’t have parents. This means that she didn’t have a home of her own. God only knows what this child has already been through, and in a house that should have been the safest one in Adams, CO., Indiana, she was being used as a personal blowup doll for the police chief’s son; pedophile, Andrew Taylor.

I pray that the family that has taken this child in be the family that God has ordained to erase all the hurtful memories of her past. May her life be beautiful from this day forward!

To the Taylor family. Y’all messed up big time! Enjoy this last laugh because….


We, she; are the biblical quote; “when my mother and father forsake me, then the Lord will take me up!” We are literally God’s children; and our lives are supernatural! When you Bless us, God allows your life to be Blessed, and when you curse us, God turns his head when hell is opened in and on your household. She and I will read about it. #FACT



Kodak Light

Women have it hard! I mean, for us; the quote, “Beauty is Pain,” is literal!  A man can get a date with a $25.00 haircut, wearing a white V-neck T-shirt and jeans; but not us…..No,No,No, No…NO! We have to have our hair tight, our nails tight, our girdle tight, underneath our tight clothes, with our feet tight, in our tight shoes, wearing a tight smile! If we want to get a date; we have to be on our A game, and gentlemen let me tell you; it get’s exhausting sometimes!

I read the comment Kodak Black shared and I understand why he wasn’t handled in New Orleans because the real soldiers are locked up on trump chargers (did y’all catch that)!

Back to this boy, I could have respected his opinion if in fact he had one, but he didn’t.  I’m not going to put his Willie Lynch comments on my post, but you can feel free to read it for yourself on Thank you WikipediA for providing this image of this stage boy.

Ginger’s Thoughts – How you make your money with the mike is cool, but what you do with the mike when the beat ain’t dropping is something else! You have a responsibility Mr. Octave. You have a responsibility to love yourself first, because people with your skin color were tortured so that you could one day have a “stage” name. You have a responsibility Mr. Octave to not tear down our sisterhood! We’ve come to far with our shapes, our sizes, our hair, our skin tones, and our generational insecurities for you to make us go back to not genuinely loving one another again. God gave you a mike and you’re trying to keep us scattered, SO; may God take that mike away from you until you learn how to SPEAK! And please, remove the Black from your name because you’re not worthy enough to carry it.


Louisiana Bans Criminal History Questions on College Applications

I am so addicted to twitter! They are the first to know everything; and speaking of first, I am pleased to write about my State of Louisiana being the First State to Ban Criminal History Questions from College Applications. This is huge!

The legislation was signed into law on Friday, June 15, by Gov. John Edwards. Proponents of the law say such questions often discouraged applicants with troubled backgrounds from pursuing higher education.  Annie Freitas, program director with the Louisiana Prison Education Coalition, told Fox News 8 (I’m not adding a link for them, so feel free to them), “What research shows is that two out of three people with convictions that want to go to college when they start the application and they see the question, they stop.”

I know what you’re thinking!  Those thoughts ran across my mind as well, but this Bill was well written because it allows the law to make exceptions so that colleges can inquire about aggravated sexual assault or stalking convictions, though there is an appeals process if an applicant is denied based on the exception in New Orleans. The law also does not prevent a college from asking about a student’s criminal history after he or she has been admitted in regards to financial aid or campus housing.

I have witnessed how our Criminal Justice system works; and does not work, for certain people. I have seen two young men, both the same age, arrested for drugs. One of these young men had marijuana. The other young man was busted with a meth lab in his home and children were present. The young man with the marijuana served jail time. The other young man with the meth lab was sent to a rehabilitation center. One young man now had a record, and the other young man went to rehab and his record was expunged.

I almost forgot to tell yall; one was BLACK and trying to help his mother because he couldn’t find jobs in the rural area they lived in, and the other young man was white and bore a surname that connected to power and wealth and could have easily found employment instead of playing with meth.

My point; that BLACK young man will no longer be the two out of three to stop filling out his college applications.

I want to thank our Gov. John Edwards for signing House Bill 688 into law and making Louisiana the first state in the nation to ban criminal-history questions on college applications.  I want to thank Marcus Howard for reporting this article, and the Atlanta Black Star for always representing the news that concern us. I mention Fox News 8 tv station because I read somewhere in the article. And of course I have to thank and mention twitter because you rock!  This picture came from twitter as well!

LA News

Ginger’s Thoughts – We all have a past! We all have done things that we are not proud of but we can’t stay in that place of shame, guilt, and condemnation. We have to push through. A drug dealer is the smartest sales man I have ever met, but what he sells to his people is wrong.  A doorway has been open. Use it. Use those same skills to develop, earn degrees, and become the man/woman that God intended for you to be. #No #More #Excuses!

Jawara McIntosh

I read this article from Mr. Jackie, the HSK.

Jawara McIntosh is the son of later reggae singer Peter Tosh. Peter Tosh was a human rights activist and an original founding member of The Wailers, alongside Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer. Tosh wrote and performed the iconic song, “Legalize It;” which became the soundtrack of the movement toward legalization. Furthermore, Tosh and Bob Marley co-authored the world-renowned freedom fighters anthem, “Get Up, Stand Up.”

Jawara was beaten into a coma while being held in the Bergen County Jail on a six-month sentence for a 2013 charge where he pleaded guilty for having more than 65 pounds of marijuana on him. He entered the jail in January 2017. One month later, his mom received a call saying he needed a life-saving procedure after being attacked in jail.

Jawara McIntosh is now at a Boston hospital where he’s suffering from brain damage, unresponsive, and comatose.

Jawara’s Mother Statement, “The way in which he was beaten appears to be a form of cruel and unusual punishment that he suffered while he was incarcerated. We want more information and physical evidence,”

This family questions remain unanswered and that’s where we come in atcsm_jawara-mcintosh-beatenintocoma_313af96debOK!

Ginger’ Thoughts – This was a hit! Where were the guards? Every one of yall with your street corner stores making millions after so many of ours were given ridiculous years need to sign this petition and make a donation to his mother as well.  A father fights for the rights of all humans, and his son gets beaten to death in a cage.


“I Don’t Want You to get Shooted.”

This image. The silent commuication held between this mother and daughter. There are a lot of images that I haven’t been able to erase from my memory, and now; this one has been added to my mental vault as well.

There are some hateful people in this world, and what seems to make us different is that we would not have seen the color in this incident.  We would have saw a Father murdered in front of his partner and their children who followed the law.  No human deserves to die this way.

No child should hear or see bullets being pumped in to their Daddy inside of a car. The shooting was in close proximity. What if a bullet hit one of those babies?

No child should have to warn their mother about police, because they’re afraid that the police will start pumping hot lead in to their mother.

No child should be in a police car with their mother.

To the officer that was set free. I want you to know that you will never be free. God allowed for that mother and those two children to survive for a reason. officer, you meant it for evil, but God will make it for their good.”

You will not sleep. You will never be happy again all the days of your life. You will begin to take medications to sleep at night. You will become addicted trying to stop this incident from replaying in your mind; but it will never stop. May it play for enternity.  You will always remember the faces of these children; and their mother.

If God gave me this gift and it’s real; each person on that jury that found the officer innocent and disrespected the life of Philando Castile; you will be in court quite often. Not as jurors, but as parents, partners, and children. You will be on the opposite side.

Ginger’s Thoughts – Too much! Just cover them Lord.



I haven’t written a post in such a long time. When I logged in to my blog, I felt the need to delete all of my past writings and start all over again.

Life experience has taught me that if you have any people, places, or things from your past that are stopping you from moving forward in a positive way; you need to delete them! Starting over is hard. It’s awkward; and it is scary, but that’s the cool thing about God; if you hang in there, it will eventually work out for your good.

With that being said; My first post is dedicated to my son, Wy-Yon D’Angel Pleasant.

Two street kids met; and fell in love. They were both fatherless and raised by mothers with mental conditions.  They felt rejected and unloved at times; and so, the people in the their hoods became their family.

Poverty became a sickening factor for the young lovers so street employment became their professions. The “Come Up” for them was short and sweet however; because he began using the drugs he once sold, and she; she knew God enough to feel convicted every time she  saw, and did things unpleasing in the eyesight of the Lord.  She saw sons selling crack to their mothers because they were addicts as well. She saw mothers leaving their babies with demonic guardians because they had to get relief from being “dope sick.”  She saw everyday houses that looked abandoned, but hidden families were leaving in them trying to provide shelter for their children.  She saw the behavior of dirty police and the corruption that followed. She saw Doctors that worked in hospitals buy crack from black, teenage, boys. She saw too much, and she did too much; and daily she felt like her soul was leaving her body.

He tried to straighten up too! He would clean his system of heroin poisoning and apply for employment. No one would hire him. Fast food establishments didn’t even call him back. He had been arrested for drugs, but we saw pedophiles being hired before him. Hopelessness and despair would cause him to stick that needle back in his arms. The need to survive caused him to become an employer of the streets again.

She walked the streets one night preparing to hustle, and God supernaturally visited her. She told God that night; I will change, but you have to help me.  Five months later, she became pregnant.

Two street kids had a baby. She knew nothing about being a mother, but she knew God gave this son to her. She named him Wy-Yon D’Angel Pleasant, because he was an Angel sent by God to save her life.

That son graduated High School on May 19, 2017. He’s never did drugs and he has never been arrested.

Me and My Angel

She; is me.  Unfortunately, He is incarcerated and his release date is scheduled for the year of 2056. He’s been in since 2003. And no, he didn’t murder anyone. Corruption has him behind bars.

My son knows our story and he seems to love me more because of it. He plans to study Criminal Justice and become a Lawyer. I know he will because God has chosen him to Break Some Chains!

It was so hard for me back then because my pain was unheard. I wanted to cry when I first read Michelle Alexander’s book, “The New Jim Crow,” because it was our story. Our pain was being heard in a powerful, impactful, manner.  I felt buried angry when I read facts articulated brilliantly by Michael Harriot.  I felt invigorated when John Legend used his voice to speak for the voiceless.  I have literally held my fist up when I read about the attention that JAY-Z is bringing about Mass Incarceration issues; his recent letter was poetic.

I am from New Orleans, Louisiana and I have to thank our Governor John Bel Edwards for beginning the process of Prison Reform.  You can read about about the recent update in the article written by Rebekah Allen!  I also have to thank the man that represents #BlackMagic for Louisiana, United States Representative, Cedric Richmond. This soldier never remains quiet on topics that involve our state of condition.

Ginger’s Thoughts – I have not reached my place of destination; but when I look back over my life and see where I am today; I cry because, I look cute on the outside but my insides are bloody and torn. I had to BREAK MANY CHAINS so that my children could grow up free of bondage and I will share more in depth in my future posts.


I love you Wy-Yon and I’m so BLESSED to have you baby. You saved my life:)

The Root, Atlanta Black Star Roland Martin, and News One; are all informative websites to check out daily.